29 Countries That Don’t Ask Visa From Citizens Of Pakistan

Which countries do not require visa for Pakistani citizens

Out of 200 countries across the world, 29 of the countries do allow the citizens of Pakistan to enter in country without having conventional visa’s that mostly people have to carry while travelling around the world. With 29 countries facilitating citizens of Pakistan to enter their country without much papers, this has achieved Pakistan 90th position in terms of visa facilities.Pakistani Passport

Well, it is quite a fact that Pakistani passport has recently been declared as the 2nd worst across world in terms of travelling purposes. Pakistan lies in the last batch of those countries termed as having the worst place for travelling & all these countries are suffering from internal as well as external terrorism threats. According to the visa report index, the Great Britain topped the chart for visa facilitation services allowing its citizens to enter across 166 countries requiring no visa restrictions. However, Denmark rests at 2nd place having the permission from 164 countries across world to enter its citizens without visa restrictions. Keeping the third place tight, the citizens of Sweden are allowed to enter into 163 countries while America sits on 7th place with 159 countries.

This is to keep your facts straight, there’s still enough room to owning it. Considering one of those, you can travel around several destinations across world without the requirement of visa. Pakistan passport visa free countries unfortunately enlist not a single neighboring county of Pakistan.  This could be for number of reasons, on top of which, Pakistan’s foreign policy affairs do impact.

This content will let you know those specific 29 spots in the world that are Pakistani passport visa free countries.

29 Pakistani Passport Visa Free Countries To Roam Around – Still, There’s Catch!

As per “The Henley & Partners” visa restriction index, Pakistanis are allowed to roam around 29 countries without having visa but the story doesn’t here. It looks quite simplified but actually it is being depicted over-simplified. In order to catch up your seamless travelling across those 29 spots around the world, you must need to abide certain rules, regulations and conditions. For those Pakistanis who are up to their well-deserved vacations, these rules and regulations are for those.

List of Visa Free Countries For Pakistani Nationals

Top of the list lies a simple confusion regarding Pakistani passport visa free countries. It is a fact that you simply don’t need visa for those specific countries while you take off from Pakistan but at the same time it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the visa while you step your feet out at the arrival lounge of that country. This technicality is generally termed as ”Visa – on – Arrival”. There’s no rocket science involved in it or you aren’t getting into any sort of trouble at all. This simply means that you are required to attain the visa once you have landed on the destination. Hence, it does simplify the process of not being gone through the strenuous process of visa processing in Pakistan.

Effect of Country’s Index Score:

There’s a great impact on country’s foreign policy. In fact, the citizens who obtain visa for travelling across Pakistan “strongly reflect each country’s bilateral relationship”. Furthermore, The Henly & Partners report stated that there are still number of many other factors that do impact travelling score index like security risks, violation of immigration rules, reciprocal arrangements of visa, etc.

Listing Down Countries That Issue “Visa On Arrival”: pakistani official passport visa exemption countries

Countries that allow you to take-off from Pakistan without visa and to issue the same after arrival on destination are listed below. For better assistance of travelers, Visa Validity is mentioned next to country name.

  • Cape Verde
  • Djibouti
  • Comoros
  • Guinea-Bissau: 90 days
  • Maldives: 30 days
  • Madagascar: 90 days
  • Mauritania
  • Nepal
  • Mozambique: 30 days
  • Palau: 30 days
  • Seychelles: Visitor’s permit on arrival and validity of 1 month
  • Samoa: Entry permit on arrival and validity of 60 days
  • Timor-Leste: 30 days
  • Tanzania
  • Togo: 7 days
  • Uganda
  • Tuvalu: 1 month

Countries Issuing eVisa For Ease Of Travellers:

Next on the list, we have provided yet another list of those countries for which Pakistanis are required to apply for the process of eVisa. eVisa is almost equivalent to an online application which enables you to fill a form for the processing of visa. There’s a fixed free for each eVisa applied for the process which you can easily pay through debit / credit card.

Following mentioned are those countries for which eVisa is mandatory before arriving the destination. That means, you must need to carry your eVisa while you take off within the premises of Pakistan. For better assistance of travelers, Visa Validity is mentioned next to country name.

  • Zimbabwe
  • Bahrain: 14 days
  • Myanmar: 28 days. (eVisa holders should need to arrive via Mandalay or Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw airports)
  • Kenya: 3 months

Requirement For eVisa:

Henley & Partners furthermore stated that it treats visa – on – arrival & e Visas, both are equally treated and have same legal value. Since the process procedure for visa – on – arrival is quite simple and straightforward – hotel evidence for residency, return ticket (abiding the given terms and conditions) and simple fee.

List Of Countries Having No Requirement Of Visa:

Last but certainly not the least, there are some regions for which they demand no visa / eVisa at all. That means, you will be allowed immediate entry after arrival on the destination without any much hustle & bustle. For better assistance of travelers, Visa Validity is mentioned next to country name.

  • Haiti: Valid for 3 months
  • Dominica: Valid for 21 days
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1 month
  • Micronesia: 30 days
  • Vanuatu: 30 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 30 days

So, there’s all for the citizens of Pakistan when it comes to visa free country. People who possess Pakistani passport can travel across these destinations without any trouble, however, it is highly suggested to abide by the terms and conditions against some of the mentioned countries in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience during travelling. Certainly, no one would like to get stuck during his well – deserved destination. We expect that the detailed break up of countries with complete details will help you gain enough information against the destination of your choice that you might be looking to visit for.

People’s Top Choice For Pakistan Passport Visa Free Countries:

Following mentioned are some those destinations that citizen of Pakistan that prefer to visit when it comes to visa free countries against Pakistani passport. In order to provide better assistance to the citizens of Pakistan, it is highly recommended to go through following mentioned details.


The first decision for Pakistani passport visa free country would be none other than colossal Maldives. Undoubtedly, the most delightful and beautiful country around the world. Highly recommended to everybody to visit it before it vanishes from the planet earth, as it’s beneath ocean level and will vanish in next 25 years.

Maldives president has as of now purchased land in Australia and in India to suit his comrades as the nation will soon soak in the ocean, however we have enough time to visit this wonderful vacation spot.

Maldives is said to be the top choice of Pakistani citizens when it comes free visa counties. However, there is a crucial checklist that has to be maintained during your journey abroad. First of all, you have to be careful against the crime rate in Maldives. Although, the overall crime rate of Maldives is considerably low but the incidents of theft in hotels or on beach do occur at a large number. The citizens of Pakistan are highly suggested to keep the checklist of following documents so that you don’t get stuck during your well – deserved vacation:

  • Copy of Visa Application
  • Passport photographs
  • Return ticket copy
  • Handsome amount of money for your stay


Well, who would like to not opt for such a beautiful country especially when it is offering “Visa on arrival” for the citizens of Pakistan. This is the reason Pakistani passport values Nepal after Maldives. As far as the climate of Nepal is concerned, this country let you experience five seasons – monsoon, spring, winter, autumn, and summer. So, what season would like to enjoy in Nepal with your family and friend, that totally depends upon you.

Mainly, Nepal is famous for mountaineering having some of the challenging & highest mountain ranges across the country. In fact, most of the climbers across world prefer Nepal to practice their climbing rate since it has all wide range of mountain peaks to offer.

For the food lovers out there, Nepal’s most phenomenon dish “Dal Bhat” is a must – try. Dal Bhat is basically the lentil soup generally served with boiled rice & curried vegetables. However, both vegetarians and non – vegetarians can customize the dish accordingly, however, the taste remains the same.

The citizens of Pakistan are highly suggested to keep the checklist of following documents so that you don’t get stuck during your well – deserved vacation:

  • Copy of Visa Application
  • Passport photographs
  • Return ticket copy
  • Handsome amount of money for your stay


If you are fond of kingdom heritage and Arab culture, then no other country than Bahrain offers you the wide range of archeological legacy. Bahrain is also among the countries which offer “Visa On Arrival” against Pakistani passports. If you are looking to enjoy some quality time in Bahrain, it is highly suggested to visit during the march festival. Bahrain annually celebrates “Spring Of Culture” featuring renowned international artists and musicians performing concerts. Furthermore, Bahrain is famous for:

  • Art
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Sports

Other tourist activities across Bahrain are:

  • Bird watching
  • Horse riding
  • Scuba diving

Bottom – Line:

For better assistance and information to citizens of Pakistan, it is to note that this content is for information only. Due to strategic and foreign policy affairs, rules and regulations do change from time to time. It is highly suggested to get in touch with concerned authorities before travelling to your desired country where there is no need of visa. It is highly suggested to contact embassy of the country for which you intend to travel for.

Good Luck & Have A Safe Journey!

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