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Complete Spain Visa Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Complete Spain Visa Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Spain is one of the most popular countries of Europe. Hundreds of people travel to Spain every single year. If you are planning a trip to Spain soon as well, make sure you follow the proper visa process to ensure visa grant and a happy trip.

How to apply?

It is fairly easy to apply for a visa to Spain. As a Schengen member state, the Spain Visa Application form to Spain is available on the web. You can download and file for visa processing on the official website of Spanish Embassy. At time of application, you will be required to

  • Attached 2 passports sized pictures (14×14)
  • Valid passport copy with at least 2 pages blank for visa grant
  • Copy of air ticket to Spain (if any prior booking has been made)

General Conditions:

Regardless of the type of visa that is applied for, there are a few general requirements that apply to every person who is applying for Spanish visa.

  • Medical insurance; enough to cover all medical expenses during stay in Spain
  • Cover letter; specifying the purpose of travel to Spain
  • Proof of citizenship of national country

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All Visa Requirements:

In addition to the general requirements that are applicable to all types of visas that is applied for; there are specific visa conditions as well. These conditions vary according to the type of visa that is being applied for to Spain.

Note: The varying via requirements are ADDITIONAL to general conditions. Check for all visa policy updates with Spanish Embassy.

Visit Visa: Provide a sponsor letter from a national citizen of Spain and bank statement for past 6 months.

Medical Visa: Provide all previous medical records along with treatment expenses receipts, appointment at a Spanish hospital or consultant and bank statement.

Entertainment purpose Visa: Provide an open invitation letter by the state or media house in Spain along with stay duration details and number of applicants travelling.

Student Visa: Provide bank statement of guardian and acceptance letter at Spanish institution.

Training and Research Visa: Provide bank statement that indicates you can fund your stay in Spain during training/research period along with details of institution enrolled in and courses prior completed.

Spanish national spousal Visa: Provide marriage certificate and proof of spouse’s Spanish nationality.

Transit Visa: Provide details of travelling; entry permission for transition along with a copy of granted visa to a final destination.

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