Afghan Passport Online: Submitting Application and Finalizing Appointment

Afghan Passport Online: Submitting Application and Finalizing Appointment

The Afghan passport policies are changing and recently, they have introduced the policy of machine readable passport. The government is no longer extending the old passports nor issuing anyone those old ones. With the modern passport techniques making it more secure and allows for easy and better authorization, the countries are shifting to it. Here, we will talk about the Afghan passport online, how you can submit the application and finalize your appointment.

How to Apply for Afghan Passport Online?

Afghan Passport Online: Submitting Application and Finalizing Appointment

First things first

First of all, you need to know that the Afghan consulate now takes the fingerprints and will make you go through other processing procedures. They will ask you for the identification and you will be required to submit the National ID, TAZKRA, old Afghan passport, etc. In the case of lost or stolen passports, you need to provide a police report along with your application. For alien residents, they must submit the documents that assure the residence. For that, you may provide a copy of your green card (both sides) and your SSN (social security number).

The passport size photos with a white background (do consider checking the Passport Photo Requirements) and provide appropriate pictures. Else, your application will be rejected. Applicant should sign the application and put his own signatures there.

How to Submit the Application:

Once you know the document requirements, you need to head to the official site where you can get the online application form. You need to fill the form and submit the application as per the process indicated. Note that it may vary according to person.

Appointment with the Consulate or Embassy

At the official Embassy of Afghanistan page, you can go and finalize your appointment. In case that you visit the office without any prior talk or appointment, you will not be facilitated.

The requirements and necessary stuff about online passport application submission are listed above. For further information about Afghan passport online, you can go to their official site.

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