Afghanistan Passport Requirements: Passport Photograph Requirements

Afghanistan Passport Requirements: Passport Photograph Requirements

There are several minor details that need to be taken into consideration when one applies for visa on the Afghanistan passport. There are several things that need to be perfect on the passport in order for the visa application to process further. In this article, we are focused to talk about the passport photograph requirements that are very precise.

Afghanistan Passport Requirements: Passport Photograph Requirements

Passport Photograph Requirements:

There are several things about the passport photograph that needs to be precise and perfect. You will need to attach at least 2 to 3 size photographs with your passport application form. The passport needs to be perfect in many ways and there are many factors that the applicant should be aware of beforehand.

  • The photograph should be very recent. The click should not be older than 6 months or else it will not be valid.
  • The passport photography should be 14 by 14 inches. This makes it measure up to be around 40mm in width.
  • The picture should be taken from a certain distance. The photograph should neither be too close on the face nor too far. The photo should include the face, neck, and body only up to the shoulders.
  • The quality of the picture should be HD without any creases or marks. The standard pixel size for the photograph is 720 by 1080 pixels i.e. HD quality.
  • The backdrop for the picture should be a light color and completely plain. The color should be mono. Preferred color for the backdrop is light blue. This can be confirmed with the concerned embassy.
  • The brightness, sharpness, and contrast of the photograph should be very well-balanced. It should not be too bright or dull. Moreover, you should make sure that the photograph is sharp enough to clearly enhance all facial features but not too sharp.
  • The blurred photograph is not acceptable in any conditions.
  • The passport photograph should not be edited and should be in its original form. Any edits with the natural skin color tones, eye color, hair color or facial features will not be acceptable.
  • The passport photograph should be square in its shape.

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