Afghanistan Visa Cost: Know Before You Apply

Afghanistan Visa Cost: Know before you apply

If you are a person who is interested in visiting Afghanistan, you will require the legal documentation. It can be referred to as the visa that you need which is an authorization that you will be able to travel to the country and access their territory. The time span depends on the validation of your visa and places where you are allowed to go are also stated in concern with your visa type. However, here, our main focus is to discuss the Afghanistan visa cost.

Cost of Visa:

If you are a person who is applying for Afghan visa on U.S passport, you will have to pay $160 as embassy fee. It is applicable to anyone who applies for the passport of United States of America. Note that if you are a US government official or a NATO contractor, you will have to pay an additional fee of $200 which allows you permission of entrance of up to 1 year. Also, you can visit the country multiple times.

Afghanistan Passport Requirements: Passport Photograph Requirements

Afghanistan Visa Cost: Know Before You Apply

For people that belong to other countries, the work visa entry fee is $100. It is payable by anyone that is coming to the country for work. Moreover, if you are just coming for visit as a tourist, you will only have to pay $80.

Visa Free Entry

People that hold Pakistani or Indian passport are given visa free entry in the country. So, if you hold the passport of one of the aforementioned countries, you will not be in need of any permission or legal documentation or visa stamp.

Diplomats, Officials, and UN Passport Holders:

If you happen to be any one among the above-mentioned people, then there is no Afghanistan visa cost for you. It is because you are free to enter the state. However, the authorization must be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.

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