Afghanistan Visa on Arrival List

Just like any other country, Afghanistan visa on arrival allows you to travel to a country without much hassle. Afghanistan Visa on Arrival ListHowever, not all countries are given a visa on arrival. This holds true for almost all countries of the world. Most of them have lengthy visa processes for some countries while allowing others to either enter visa-free or deliver them with a visa on arrival. 

What is Visa on Arrival?

Visa on arrival allows you to get a visa to enter a given country after you arrive at the airport of the said place. This is starkly different to having your visa processed before you board the plane. While the latter requires a lot of application time and hassle, the former allows you to make quick trips. However, it has its own share of problems as well. Compared to the two, visa-free is the most hassle-free option.

However, being a visa-free country requires you to make negotiations with other countries. For this, both parties have to be willing to form an agreement in the first place. Different factors, like the economic and political stability of the country comes into play here as well. Hence, whether or not you get a visa-free access to a country depends on the state of your country.

Here are some of the facts you must know about visa on arrival. Whether you are opting to go to Afghanistan or Germany, these facts hold true regardless.

  •    You can’t get all types of visas offered by a country on arrival. Not only do countries provide these visas to the nationals of specific listed places, but different time extensions may or may not be available.
  •    It is common for countries to change their visa options without notifying other countries prior to doing so. It is also common for them to change their requirements as well.
  •    You still have to do quite a lot of paperwork. While the process might not be as long as the usual mode of visa application, you still need to apply for a visa on arrival. For example, in places like Vietnam, you need an official letter of approval from an agent before you enter the country.
  •    While the process time is reduced, you do have to mentally prepare yourself for having to wait a lot at the airport. If you have a visa before you enter the country, you are not required to spend a lot of time there. However, in cases of visa on arrival, you will have to wait at least an hour in the airport. Also, if you land on a public holiday, this time will be significantly increased.
  •    The fee charged for such visas can be different to those of the usual visas. There are various instances of scams. It is common for people to fall for a high fee. Try to do your research before going to the country to ensure that you don’t pay more than required.

Afghanistan Visa on Arrival Requirements

Afghanistan has recently allowed visa on arrival to foreign investors and business personnel. If you are a tourist, you will have to go through the normal procedures before being allowed entry into the country for a period of one month.

This recent move towards visa on arrival for business and investors specifically is to encourage foreign investment into the country and thereby allow for potential economic growth. So, there are no specific countries preferred – but instead the purpose of visit that matters.

Generally, visa on arrivals does not feature extended stay. However, in this case, you can get business visas of various time denominations. This can range from one to three years. The visas you get can be used for selling and buying commercial property, participate in an exhibition and other similar commercial events.

Countries that give Afghan Passport Holders a Visa on Arrival:

Your travel freedom depends on the number of places you can go for free and how many allow you to enter their territory with a visa on arrival. In both cases, the hassle of the long wait of normal visa application is eliminated. While the former is preferred more than the latter, there are only a handful of countries that allow those with Afghan passports to enter visa-free.

Countries that give a visa on arrival are quite low too if you compare it to other countries. However, it is still a significantly greater number than visa-free countries. Here are some of the places you can visit and get a visa on arrival if you are a holder of an Afghan passport.

  •    Bangladesh government gives Afghan passport holders a visa on arrival which lasts 30 days.
  •    Cook Island, gives you a visa of 31 days. To further extend your stay, you will have to apply for a permit.
  •    If you have ever lived in Cape Verde, you and your family will be allowed to visit the country without a visa. However, those who have never been to Cape Verde, you can get one on arrival.
  •    Djibouti gives a visa for one month upon arrival.
  •    Being one of the most open countries in the world. Georgia lets Afghan passport holders stay for 360 days and get a visa on arrival.
  •    You can stay in Cambodia for 30 days via a visa on arrival.
  •    The Maldives lets Afghan passport holders in for 30 days after giving them a visa on arrival.
  •    You can visit Madagascar for 90 days through a visa on arrival.


The list of countries that require those with Afghan passports to go through the usual visa application process is quite extensive. This is a reflection of how the Afghani passport is considered to be one of the weakest out there.

The fact that Afghan visa on arrival services are now being initiated is a step in the right direction. Allowing foreign investors in will boost Afghanistan’s economy. This, in turn, will improve the chances of other countries accepting Afghan passport holders to come into their countries either visa-free or at least through a visa on arrival.

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