Andorra Citizenship by Investment

Andorra Citizenship by Investment

Andorra Citizenship by investment is possible. There are several programs have been introduced for the candidates who are willing to get Andorra citizenship. Passive Residency is the solution. The visa holders can reside in Andorra without declarations and tax. People who have invested about 40000 euro in the country get the citizenship. Andorra government has given the opportunity of residency through real estate investment. These plans give the surety of residency to investors. They can get the citizenship by fulfilling straight forward criteria. People who have rented or their own property in Andorra is eligible to get Citizenship.

The process of applying for residency visa and to get information about the appropriate business is not difficult but it needs to fulfill some formalities. Businessmen should take the complete information about it. Immigration Consultant as a proficient individual provides complete information about it.

Andorra Citizenship by Investment

Requirements of Andorra Citizenship by Investment

  • Andorran citizenship application
  • Andorran permanent residency application
  • Renewal of Andorran residence permit
  • Buying/renting a property
  • Legal services in administration, immigration, banking and corporate
  • Exchange of foreign driving license, school registration for children, medical insurance
  • Property and real estate investment
  • Proof of the investment and tax payment of business

For getting Andorra citizenship, investors can invest in different fields in the economy of the country. Now technology has brought about the grand revolution in the world. Today, the European World faces issues of conflict resolutions, reconciliations, economic opportunities, distribution of wealth, national defense, renewable resources, environmental conservation, accountability, transportation, information system, technology, security, Public safety, renewable energy, water production, agriculture, housing, urban development, rural development, employment, public transportation, health care, education, literacy and others. By investing in these fields they can easily get the citizenship. This country has attracted 20 billion dollars in this trade. The foreigner investors multiply their profit by investing here.

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