Andorra Tourist Visa and Passport Requirements

Andorra Tourist Visa

For entering Andorra passport validity is a must for all nationals. European holders of National identity card need a valid passport to enter France and Spain. Andorra does not need any visa for all nationalities. Candidates can go through Spain and France. It is vital for a nonresident of Schengen area to get knowledge if they need a visa for entering and leaving Schengen territories. Candidates can apply for a visa from the embassy. There is no need to apply for a tourist visa because they can enter in Andorra with a valid passport. Obviously, for all nationalities passport is the authentic document for international travel.

Andorra Schengen Visa Complete Details

Andorra Tourist Visa

Andorra Tourist Visa Requirement:

  • An ID card or a valid passport is an authentic document that is first required to enter in Andorra for an adult.
  • Validity requirement of passport is six months minimum.
  • It must contain two or three blank pages to stamp exit or enter.
  • Children must contain valid ID card or passport to travel.
  • They must have to be registered on the passport of their parents.
  • If children are not accompanied by parents then they have to show authorization of their country or origin.
  • For taking pets with you during travel you need to show recent vaccination or health certificate.

On tourist, visa candidates are not allowed to work. They must have a return ticket and sufficient amount for their easy stay. For working in Andorra they need to have work permit by their employer.

Candidates who have EU passport do not need any passport to enter into Andorra. They can travel on their ID Card. With the European Union, Andorra Government has agreement excluding some countries that there will be very less and easy procedure of documentation holders. They had made the whole documentation procedure very easy and simple for them. They are granted the entry into the state without many formalities.

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