Antigua and Barbuda Language

Antigua and Barbuda Language

The official language of Barbuda and Antigua is English. These two countries have their own language on the Caribbean. It is joined with the local slang. Their dialect contains African phrases and words. The Antigua and Barbuda language bear rules of English pronunciation and grammar. For a person, it is not necessary for a person to learn English. A person who has knowledge of English will learn the sounds and pronunciation by the time. It is very easy to understand the difference between the phrases and words in the language.

Get to Know the Antigua and Barbuda Flag

Antigua and Barbuda Language

How to learn special sounds of the language?

Antigua and Barbuda language are very instructive. It has too many barriers to plunge. Here are some suggestions or ways to learn it.

Expand vocabulary

Although having a wide vocabulary is good accuracy is more important in Mandarin. True pronunciation should be learnt the language otherwise it is no use.

Learn counting

Once a person gets mastery in number counting, he/she will be able to count in double digits.

Learn writing

It is a system used for writing language using the romance alphabets. It is the most common form of Romanization.

Practice reading or writing

It needs to be practised up to read or write the language characters. It will take a very long time to be, matters in this field due to the uniqueness of it.

Learn radicals

It needs to be learning 2014 radical which is compulsory the building blocks of the building of English character.

Find a native speaks

Always try to learn the language through native speaks, because of true pronunciation and tonal effect.

Online learning

Prefer online learning for getting expectancy in the language. It provides the true guidance for the betterment of the language learning. It is really helpful for these objectives.

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