Antigua and Barbuda Weather

Antigua and Barbuda Weather

Antigua and Barbuda weather is very warm. Due to hot climate, it is a wonderful place to visit. It is an attractive place with temperatures of seventy to more than eighty. It makes it a great destination to visit. Antigua and Barbuda due to its picturesque beauty, innovative infrastructure, and rich history is a dream destination for every one of us. Sketching your journey through the novel streets of the city, the priority is to pick where you want to ‘land.’ Due to a warm climate, it is a wonderful destination in winter. In the summer it is a highly warm area for the tourist.

Wettest Month: October

Average Temperature throughout the year: 28 Degree Celsius or 82 Degree Fahrenheit.

Best Antigua and Barbuda weather For Visit: May to November.

Please your eyes by the exotic views in Antigua and Barbuda.  It is a famous city in the world. This 21st-century city stretches back to Roman times. Enjoy panoramic views of the entire city and the South Bank cultural complex with the Antigua and Barbuda Eye observation wheel across the whole area.

Antigua and Barbuda Weather

In the warm weather sunset is the real attraction of the city. If you are a nature lover, you should not delay for any more seconds to have a tour to Antigua and Barbuda.  Imagine how soothing it would be to encounter the rising sun amidst the mountains. The golden sky at the time of sunset will capture all your attention.  The mountains and the salt lake valley are the sites that attract the people from distant places. The high temperature is very difficult to bear for the tourists.

Towards the east, the view gets more breathtaking. A better view is the reason that the apartments towards the east of the city are comparatively more expensive.  What who would mind paying a little more if in return you are getting the chance to open your eyes every morning and witness the scenic view of the heaven.

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