Application requirements for Belgium Visa

Application requirements for Belgium Visa

The grant of visa to Belgium is though not a very challenging task but it does require a few basic requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant first. If all requirements are fulfilled then the grant of visa does not take a very long time as the government of Belgium is always welcoming foreign people to their country.

History of Belgium visa’s

If we take a quick look at the visa’s that have been issued by Belgium till date the figure is rather surprising. Till date, more than 170,000+ visas have been issued by the Belgium government. It is interesting to mention here that it has not been a very long time since Belgium has opened its doors to people living in abroad. Belgium became a part of the Schengen part in 1995. It was already a part of European Union since 1993.

General Requirements for Belgium Visa

The visa requirements will differ according to the purpose for which the visa is being applied. However, there are some general requirements that need to be fulfilled for EVERY purpose visa to Belgium. These general requirements are the following.

  • The application forms that is downloaded from the official website of the Belgium Visa Embassy.
  • Submission of application forms online with all mandatory details.
  • Recent passport size photography (minimum 2; maximum 3) with a plain background.
  • Original passport and passport copies (at least 3 months away from expiry)
  • Flight details (if the flight has been booked) stating the arrival and departure date.
  • Cover letter stating why the person is visiting the country.
  • Bank statement with a closing balance (as required by the country). Belgium usually asks for a closing balance of 30 thousand Euros.
  • Proof of citizenship in presently residing country i.e. NIC or birth certificate.

Additional documents required

In addition to the above mentioned mandatory documents, there are a few requirements that will be applicable depending on the current status of the applicant. These requirements are as following.

  • If the applicant is employed by some company

The applicant will need to submit bank account details for at least an account that has been active for past 6 months. Along with this, there will be an employment/income letter from the company, resignation letter as well as clearance certificate from income tax (if applicable).

  • If the applicant is self-employed

In the case of self-employment, the person will submit bank details along with business license and income tax clearance certificate.

  • If the applicant is retired

The person will submit retirement letter along with professional details as well as recent pension letter copies.

  • If the applicant is a student

A student will submit an enrollment letter from a Belgium university as well as leaving certificate of current institution.

  • If the applicant is sick

The person will submit a health certificate stating the illness and treatment purpose in Belgium.

  • If the applicant is married to a Belgium national

The applicant will be required to submit marriage certificate along with family details and spouse citizenship proof.

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