On arrival visa for Sri Lankan passport holders 2019

On arrival visa for Sri Lankan passport holders is a facility provided by the Sri Lankan government for its citizens so that they can enter some countries without a visa. Every year, there are thousands of migrants from Sri Lanka to countries such as China and Maldives. It would be quite difficult for them to apply for a visa just to visit the place for a week or two. This is why many countries allow Sri Lankan citizens to enter without any visa. However, the citizens have to request for a visa upon arrival. For other info regarding Sri Lanka visa Click here.

Bali Visa on Arrival
Bali Visa on Arrival

Many countries do not need Sri Lankans to produce a visa at all. They can stay there for a particular period without a visa. However, when that period is over, they will require a visa.

Citizens can use the Sri Lankan passport to travel to various countries such as Bolivia, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, China, and other nations without getting a visa.

Sri Lankan citizens can apply for the visa on arrival via an online application. They can fill the online application before flying to any destination so that they can get the visa when they arrive. Anyone can fill the application, even a third party.

Sri Lankan Passport Holder Visa Free Countries

The tourists from Sri Lanka to other countries will have to show the complete form so that they are allowed to enter the country. You must understand the difference between visa-free and visa on arrival countries. Many people do not know the difference between these two terms. For the latter type of countries, if you have not applied for a visa on arrival, you will not be allowed to enter the country. Hence, it is always better to look at the list of countries where Sri Lankan citizens are allowed a visa–free entry and visa on arrival entry.

For every country, the fee for visa on arrival is different. In most cases, if the visit is for a day or two, there is no fee. However, if the stay is more than that, the fee will be paid accordingly.


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