I had this in my mind since long time, I’m a little confused in planning my itinerary for my next tour to BAKU,
I know many of you guys have already been there before, so I need little help in planning this,
I really don’t want to get into this travel agent thing, I always planned my international tours myself,
So my total days would be 5 days & 4 Nights,
I wanna do this within a week.
Also do let me know if there’s any city tour guider or their any page or link,
Also suggest me any Must visit places in Baku.
Please guide me.



  1. Enough of Baku on the group man, just type BAKU on the search bar you will get enuf information to read for a couple of days!

    Thank you!

    You can ask my friend Elnur Allahverdiyev for any more details and tours plus good company while in Baku 🙂

  2. Day 1 –
    Arrive at Baku (5.30 pm)
    Transfer to Hotel ( if your hotel is near fountain sq or Nizami st the fare should be around 25 azm)
    Rest & unpack
    Take a walk to nizami street and Fountain square

    Day 2 – Baku city tour

    It is preferable to start the daytrip around 12-2 pm because majoroty of the landmarks have more beautiful look at night (personal preference)

    1- upland park (you can see Caspian sea and Boulevard from there)
    2- turkish martyrs grave
    3- Flame tours (night time better)
    4- carpet Museum
    5- Mini venice (boat ride)
    6- Hyder Aliyev Centre (I❤Baku place)
    7- Old city ( both daytime & nightime view is amazing)
    8- The boulevard

    Day 2- Gobustan (1.5 hrs from Baku)

    1- Gobustan Musuem
    2- Yanar Dag
    3- Bibi Heybat Mosque
    4- Atish Gah

    Day 3- Day trip to Quba (3.5 hrs frm baku)
    1- Mast Dergah
    2- waterfall

    Day 4-5 stay at Gabala
    1- Ropeline (2 different)
    2- Yeddi Gozal Waterfall
    3- Nohor Lake
    4- Shooting Club
    5- XalXal waterfall (khalkhal)

    Day 6- last day in Baku

    Have dinner at Halz Burger on nizami.
    Walk around fountain square and nizami street.
    Take an uber to Seaside Boulevard and enjoy the view.

  3. This is the tour guide who we hired for 6 days. He was an amazing guy… super reasonable and guided us abt everything in detail. After my trip my friends have also used his services and thoroughly satisfied… feel free to contact him.

  4. Excellent place & 5 days are fine. Me & my wife went last year around this time a bit cold but nice. Stayed at Hilton Baku, near the Cornish beautiful hotel with excellent buffet breakfast. Taxi is very cheap, the old city is walking distance, take a taxi from hotel first day & return by walking you may need 2 days to visit all places in this old city, neat their famous old tower you will find many girls from touring agencies negotiate with them & visit the place, good food around & then again through those girls take trip to hilly towns which are also beautiful but bit cold. Go through the google map & choose places to visit around Baku

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