Attention to all Emirates fans,

As we all love to fly with Emirates, but recently we have came across a pathetic baggage handling service. As my Mom traveled today from DXB-KHI 05-07-19 on flight EK602, the standard of baggage handling is lamentable and deplorable as well. They mishandled the baggage and broke the new travel bag. They have to improve their baggage handling and must have to compensate us for this damage.


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Attention to all Emirates fans,
Attention to all Emirates fans,
Attention to all Emirates fans,
Attention to all Emirates fans,
Attention to all Emirates fans,


  1. Send your complain along with pics to emirates… They will compensate you… Recently similar incident happened with my friend. He received 100 USD from airline

  2. I hope you claimed it at the airport, as they would give you either a new emirates suitcase or money to buy one.

  3. Sincere advice to all travellers … Please invest in good quality luggage.

    Just take it for granted that your bags will be tossed around. The handlers don’t have time to mollycoddle every bag.

    You all know how much I travel. Attaching a photo of my bags that have been with me for the last 3-4 years on countless trips. I paid a hefty sum for good quality bags, but now I have peace of mind.

  4. U must visit Gerry’s counter at same time, they either repair or compensate. I did that couple of times at Karachi and Riyad airports. No benefit to post here.

  5. Might very well have handled it at Karachi airport. I’ve had bad experiences at Karachi and Lahore airports, including seeing bags marked fragile being thrown around

  6. I guess such handling is common in other airlines too. My brother’s suitcase got damaged in similar fashion but on front side when he was coming to khi from New York on Qatar Airways..this was 4 years ago. Dont know why airlines don’t look into this matter seriously .

  7. Not sure why we go round and round with so many mixed feedbacks.

    Just goto Emirates website and file in a complain now and thats your best chance. Bleak as it may be because you cant justify this damage was done during luggage transfer without a report at the time of arrival.

    One should know that there is a report process that you should follow when the baggage arrives damaged on destination.

    All airports and ground staff usually do it or in Pakistani airport case its better to get hold of CAA to connect you with ground staff.

    They are usually sitting in offices above or outside arrival areas.

    Its like an FIR for your baggage at airport and you get a report or claim paper.

  8. Its Airline responsibility u shouldnt have accepeted at airport and filled a damage claim form. U can still try. U can get damages up to $1000 or actual if you have the receipt of purchase.

  9. I travel on Emirates almost every month. Your bag is an exception. You need to file a complaint and you will be compensated.
    Were all the bags of all the passengers in your flight damaged like this?

  10. Emirates bags are handled by Dubai Airports and baggage system of DXB Airport does not have any option of throwing the bags, its always handled in a proper manner with proper equipments. The bags are damaged when they reach to other airports and being thrown despite of fragile or LRT. And emirates still take all the claims and most of the time reimburse.

  11. They broke my guitar as well even though it had a fragile tag. I tried claiming the refund or compensation but eventually they stopped responding
    It was their staff member fault probably but I didn’t expect this from Emirates

  12. Please file a claim from at khi airport. If ur mom is travelling back to Dubai then better to file claim there. They will either replace it or compensate it. If you will do it in khi then they will repair it

  13. It’s a huge generalization to call out the entire airline because one passenger had a bad experience. These issues happen despite the measures taken by the ppl concerned. Just log on to the airline ‘s website and lodge a complaint.

  14. Emirates not only lost my luggage but also broke my Samsonite as well.

    The seat leg space has been shrinking every year. Food helping has decreased.

    Avoid Emirates for now ! I had a better experience on PIA on my last trip.

    I am not flying Emirates (period).

  15. The time it comes to convyer belt it us handled by our pakistani loaders. It must have done by them . Also may be the bag wasnt that good quality. These days they sell bags very expensive but at very low quality.

  16. You can file a complaint and get compensated for it . They broke my bag on the way to Dubai a few months ago and they compensated me

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