Bangladeshi Passport Visa Free Countries

Bangladeshi Passport Visa Free Countries

From Bangladesh, there are 42 countries do not require a prior visa to enter into the state. Bangladeshi passport holders can visit these countries very easily without any visa. Authorities of some countries have imposed administrative entry on Bangladeshi citizens. These Bangladeshi passport visa free countries allow them to get entry in their country on arrival visa or without visa. These countries grant them limited duration to stay in their country.

Bangladeshi Passport Visa Free Countries

It is a fact that for travelling or entering in a country visa is a must. It is an approval that is given on the passport for showing to leave, stay or enter into the country. In the world Bangladesh is an eighth most populous country.

42 Bangladeshi Passport Visa Free Countries

  1. Turkey:

Official passport holders can attain visa of 90 days maximum. Ordinary passport holders may get one month single entry visa at border of turkey on arrival.

  • Europe

  1. 60 days Samoa
  2. 30 days Palau
  3. 30 days Niue
  4. 30 days federated States of Micronesia
  5. Fiji
  6. Cook Islands
  7. Oceania
  8. Tuvalu
  9. Vanuatu
  • Asia

  1. Laos
  2. Georgia
  3. Bhutan
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. South Korea
  6. Nepal
  7. Maldives
  8. Macau
  9. Timor Leste
  10. Syria
  11. Sri Lanka
  • Africa

  1. Burundi
  2. Comoros
  3. Cape Verde
  4. Djibouti
  5. Madagascar
  6. Kenya
  7. Togo
  8. Seychelles
  9. Mozambique
  10. Malawi
  11. Haiti
  12. Grenada
  13. Dominica
  14. Uganda
  15. Trinidad
  16. Tobago
  17. Caicos Islands
  18. Turks
  19. Saint Vincent
  20. Saint Kitts
  21. Montserrat

What benefits do they get during their Stay in these Countries?

Private costs

You need to do non-public expenses on haircut, laundry, visiting fee and meals. It takes a number of your amount on month-to-month foundation.

Low living cost

It is very important to enjoy standard living in low costs. These countries offer affordable living costs to these visitors during their stay.

Clinic Coverage and Medical

Dwelling in these countries isn’t pricey if you have health insurance if a person calls for health care service at a non-public health center in the whole stay. This coverage is executed through the Institute as nicely.

These visa free countries for Bangladeshi passport are about forty two countries. The Bangladeshi passport holders can move from the Bangladesh to that country without any visa formalities. In some countries, they are able to get on arrival visa with some formalities. Due to the agreement of the both countries governments, they gain the visa free facility for those passport holders. They can easily enter into these countries. Some countries grant them visa for 30 days on arrival and some countries offer 60 and 90 days visa on arrival. They do not provide visa, it is kind of permit that they offer them to stay. For traveling abroad the majority of the people choose the country where getting a visa is easier for them. It is very easy to set out journey if there is no visa requirement. These countries offer several low cost facilities during stay.

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