Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.

Auntyji kay baghair gaya tha.

What a city, the oomph, the aahs, the tapas, the piella, the art, the architecture, the beach, the La Rambla Street, the Gaudi. They say Jinne Barcelona naee waikhia au jammia naee and I am glad that I was born 5 years ago. Solo trip minus you know who. Bohat apna apna saa lagga due to apne desi log. Even Spanish gorray bhi bhai behan walla rishta banate thay offcoarse Punjabi main gaalian de ker 🙂

Boasting a reputation as one of the most attractive cities in Europe, Barcelona celebrates its role as the capital of Catalonia. The city’s cosmopolitan international vibe makes it a favorite city for many people and is known for its architecture and art. Travelers flock from around the world to see the iconic Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Gaudí.

Arrived Barcelona via over night train from Paris with no bookings for the hotel. Suba 8 bajje with our bags walked 2 kms to La Ramblas from railway station and hotel ja ja ker checked discounted rates and finally after 1 ghantay ki mehnat me and my 3 buddies got room with 4 beds at about 80 Euros with breakfast right on the La Rablas. Now there are two La Ramblas – the second one is called Pareshan Rambla jo main La Rambla ke us side per hai where you would notice that you are in Gujarat or Gujranwalla. Qassam say aisse purian chanay, haleem paye maghaz I never had in Pakistan jo I had there. The famous one is Zeeshan Resturant. It was Friday and did Jumma Prayers at Tariq mosque nearby and was pleasantly surprised that they do 2 jammats due to the turnover ratio. Khair once in Barcelona a must is to walk if not fikker makawa here is a big variety of transportation means at Barcelona: metro, train, bus, taxi and even bicycle. The center of Barcelona city is relatively small and pretty convenient for walking. Free maps of Barcelona can be achieved in any reservation desk of any hotel. To places that can not be reached by metro, there are comfortable bus lines. We used the friendly metro. We bought the T-10 ticket that allow you 10 rides. (you can buy also a one day ticket, three days or five days ticket). then suggest day passes which are cheap and ease. They do have hop and off busses though which can also be great.

Once in Bacelona do :

1- Sagrada Familia- The place was under constructions (it is all the time…) but it didn’t disturb us to be impressed from the special structure which Gaudi devoted to, more than half of his life (Pata nahi bechare nay shaadi bhi ki ya nahi ki). …. still unfinished church since 1880 it started. Very Gaudi looks.

2- Park Guell. A great and different experience and two way to the top. The most famous park in Barcelona, designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi.The park is one of the most beautiful lookout points on the city. There are two raastas to the park off on Vallcarca metro station and wahan say bismillah parh ker started climbing the Baixada de la Gloria. This is a narrow and especially steep street that in order to relieve the climbing, escalators were build in parts of it. The street brings you to the “servant’s entrance” in the back part of the park, so the tour is actually done towards the main entrance. In the park there is an impressive wide entrance space, a fountain in a dragon shape, the special “bench” area and more special decorated buildings, and of course Gaudi’s house. hum iss tarraf say eccelators and stairs used ki and us tarraf say via bus wappasi hui..

3- Montjuic or Hill of the Jews and wahan ka Qabberistan

4- Casa milla – a master piece
5- Gothic quarters
6- Placa de Catalunya
7- Their indoor food market – naam bhool Gaya
8- Bohat saare Museums
9- Beaches where eyes close ker ke jaana parta hai
10- Spend hours sitting on La Ramblas watching nazaare
11- Catalonia Square
12- Flamingo Dance if you can get a chance

Day trips Barcelona
• Gerona – The old and beautiful catalane city which its colourful houses build in Italic style.
• Andorra – The magic tiny emirate that lays in a fascinating landscape in the piraniim.
• Montserrat This monastery is placed 50 km from Barcelona (about an hour by train) and indeed its beauty and location in the heart of a granite mountainside justifies the visit there.
• Costa Brava (a little more than an hour by train). Katrina was there in Zindagi na mille gi again.

Shopping is cheap and good. Firrangi khanna needed to be consumed carefully as they have almost every thing with pork and pork related unless you tell them exact what you want but there are many Pakistani eateries so no issues. Must to eat paella (Make sure you instruct not to add wine), the tapas, Lovely seafood they do, churros etc. we stayed for 4 days and wanted more but kia karrain rozy roti bhi khaani hai. But one day will return with you know who.

Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.
Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.
Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.
Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.
Barcelona and Barcelona ke nalke ka Pani.


  1. Paella mei bhi Bhai pork dripping hotta hai. Check. Baqi loved Barca…zeeshan resturant has the best food in Europe!

  2. My favourite city too…..But unfortunately couldn’t do anything except Barceloneta beach, La Ramblas, Sagrada Familia and Poble Espanyol….But lucky you uncle…..

  3. Sorath Shah – Kabhi Auntyji ko koi Ye batta day ke maika bhi kutch hotta hai and maa baap Kay farraiz bhi kutch hotte hain. Allah taala ap ki zabban Mubarak karre – Aameen

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