Best Capsules Hotels & Hostels around the Globe

The very first time Japanese introduced the concept of Capsules Hotels but nowadays it is becoming popular around the world. The luxury & coolest capsules hotels not only highly affordable but also offers the complete privacy with a lot of fun and unique living experience for the solo travelers. Here we have compiled a list of best pod & capsules hotels of the world for your next trip.
Best Capsules Hotels & Hostels around the Globe

Funky Sport Capsule Hostel in Saint Petersburg, Russia

An environment-friendly capsule hostel is located in the heart of Russia, the Saint Petersburg. This Funky Sports hostel has amazing decor with the soundproof sleeping pods. The staff belongs to the multiple regions which keep on introducing the guests to the beautiful city of Russia and offering the best, highly affordable, and fully furnished accommodation for all travelers. Moreover, they also offer to book restaurants & tours. All in all it’s been hell fun to live in Capsule hostels.

Comicap Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan

While introducing the best capsule hostels of the world how can one forget the Comicap Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan? This is the comic-themed hostel which is a just 15-minute bus ride away from the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The beds of this hostel are surrounded by the bookshelves which consist of contemporary & classic comics. It also consists of a shared sitting area which is furnished with the full-length sofa. A perfect place for the comic fans and a great opportunity to meet other comic fans.

InterQUBE Chistye Prudy Capsule Hotel Basmanny, Moscow

If you are planning to visit the Moscow then you must try this Capsule Hotel. The InterQUBE Chistye Prudy Capsule Hotel is located in the Basmanny district of the Moscow. The hotel is offering so many convenient services which will make your visit memorable. Single & double sleeping capsule pods are available with the blackout curtains, large safety deposits boxes capable to handle your suitcase, and with the memory foam mattresses. To sum up all, it is equipped with all the facilities which a traveler needs.

Station 1 in Fujinomiya, Japan

Station 1 is one of the top rated and best sleeping capsule hotel in the world. Every sleeping pod of this hotel is basically designed to give the touch of traditional Japanese ryokan. Flood is covered with the think tatami mats, furnished with the futon beds, paper walls which are soundproof to some extent, and communication area which is highly decorated in the style of the Japanese stone garden. It also consists of a western style dining room.

Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba in Osaka, Japan

This year if you have a plan to visit Japan then we must recommend spending a night or more in the Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba in Osaka. The place is ideal for those who are new to the capsule hotels because it is equipped with all luxuries of hotel lives & consists of dozens of sleeping pods. The communal area of the hotel is quite large and meets the all high standards of a capsule hotel.


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