Bhutan visa from India: Do you need it?

Bhutan visa from India: Do you need it?

Bhutan has strict tourism policy. For most of the countries, they do not allow entry of the citizens without a valid visa stamp on their passport. So, you may be thinking whether you need Bhutan visa from India or not? The simplest answer to it is NO.

Benefits of getting a Visa from Schengen

Bhutan visa from India Do you need it

How you can enter Bhutan

Being an Indian, if you are to enter the kingdom of Bhutan, you do not need any visa. Because of a treaty signed between Bhutan and India in 1949, the citizens of both states are allowed to move freely between the borders. So, just grab your valid Indian Passport and enter the state by air or by land. There will be no one stopping you.

In case that you do not have the passport, you can either use your Voter ID card (photograph is must!) or you may rely on the identification slip which can be obtained from Indian Consulate Office located in Phuentsholing. If you were to get the slip, you still need to prove your Indian Citizenship.

How can you access it?

As said earlier, one may access it through the air or by land (as per their convenience). If you use the air service, there are regular flight operations between Paro, Delhi, Kolkatta, Bagdogra, Gaya, Dhaka, Kathmandu and Bangkok. For the people that prefer land, there are two entrances. At southern border, you get to enter Phuentsholing while on the East, you get to see Samdrup Jonkhar.

Route Permit

One is allowed to move freely within the state. However, if you wish to visit beyond Dochula pass, you need to obtain a Route Permit. It can be taken from Thimphu but to get it, one must have the entry permit.

Is complete package required?

There may be a question in your mind that, like citizens of other countries need to obtain complete holiday package before entering the kingdom, do you need it? Well, one does not need any such package and if you are told any such thing then you are being misguided.

So, there is no need of Bhutan visa from India if you are an Indian. All you need is a document to verify your citizenship and you are allowed to enter the state.

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