Brazil Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Brazil is a South American nation which is well known around the world for its sunny weather and gorgeous beaches. However, before people can visit this tropical paradise, they must apply for a visa. To apply for a Brazilian visa on a Pakistani passport, you would require the following documents. There are many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.Brazil Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Brazil Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Visa Application Form

The first requirement is a visa application form, which must be dated and signed by the applicant.

Passport Size Photo

Applicants are also required to submit a passport-sized photograph. These photos must be pasted, and not stapled, on the form.


You are also required to submit a photocopy of your original passport on an A4-size paper. Applicants are requested to not cut the A4 paper down to size.

Letter from Current Employer/Business

Before your visa can be accepted, you are required to produce a letter from your current employer. This letter must contain your designation and salary as well as the reason for your trip to Brazil.

Letter of Invitation

You must also submit a letter of invitation from your Brazilian sponsor. This letter must be written on Brazilian stationery and must contain a CNPJ/MF registration stamp, the name of your host and his position in his company, the purpose of your trip to Brazil, and public notarization.

Bank Statement

You are also required to produce a bank statement and an international credit card registered in your name.

Return Tickets

And finally, you must submit a copy of your return ticket back to Pakistan. It is better if you also submit paperwork of your accommodation.

Additional Information for Brazil Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

You can visit the official website of the Brazilian Consulate in Pakistan. To make things easier for our users, we have compiled all the crucial information about the embassy below.

  • Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Address: House No. 1, Street No. 72, Sector F-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92-51-228-7189, +92-51-228-7190, +92-51-228-7192
  • Fax: +92-51-228-7199
  • Email:
  • Embassy of Pakistan
  • Address: SHIS QL 08 Conjunto 04, Casa 05, Lagosul Brasilia, Brazil
  • Phone: +55-61-248-3747, +55-61-364-3145
  • Fax: +55-61-364-2747
  • Email:

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