Canada Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

Canada Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

Canada Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi: Canadian immigration policy for Bangladesh is simple with not complicated documentation. They can get details from the official immigration site of Canada. They can apply for Visit visa online by filling the form and submitting the other documents with this application. They can attain the visa from nearest Canadian consulate or embassy. Candidates between ages of fourteen and seventy nine have to give their biometrics including photograph and fingerprints when they apply for visit visa to Canada. For apply work permit or study visa they have to attach other documents with these biometric records. The Canada Visa Application center is in Bangladesh Sylhet, Chittagong, and Dhaka. They do not accept applications by courier and email.

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Canada Visit Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

Canada visa requirements for Bangladesh

Canada Visa requirement for Bangladeshi are simple.

  • Visa Fee

It changes as per location. It is submitted to the Bank permitted by the Government.

  • Check passport details

A Citizen of Bangladesh can apply for the visa of Canada with these documents

  • Clear passport copy
  • Photographs with other biometric details
  • National ID card’s copy
  • Offer letter of the company in case of working visa
  • Invitation of the institute in case of study visa
  • Bank statement of six months in case of visit visa or study visa

Requirements of the photograph for visa

Candidates should apply with the proper photograph as per the rules. For taking the information about the accuracy of the procedure check the official website of the department.

  1. The photocopy of the documents must be clear.
  2. In case of reflection and shadow in the copy, it will be overruled.
  3. Do not use any eye-wear in the visa photographs.
  4. The images must be clear.
  5. Photocopy must not be altered or changed digitally or physically
  6. Paste it vertically.
  7. Do not paste horizontally.
  8. Paste it with glue on the documents
  9. For online submission all the documents must be scanned properly

The highest benefit of this procedure is the easy travelling opportunity. It is very easy to go on voyaging with this passport in visa free countries and on arrival visa countries. Worth of Bangladeshi Passport is 95th.

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