China Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

China Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

As per immigration visa authority policy, Bangladeshi can get visa-free entry into China for transit or 72 hours. By holding valid Bangladeshi passport an applicant is free to enter into the China on transit and can stay for 72 days which are visa free for them. With Government of Bangladesh, they have agreement excluding some countries that there will be very less and easy procedure of documentation for Bangladeshi passport holders.

China Visa Requirement for Bangladeshi

China Visa Procedure for Bangladeshi

China Visa requirement for Bangladeshi is very easy. They had made the whole documentation procedure very easy and simple for them. They are granted the entry into the state without many formalities. They ask for the passport validity from one month to six months or two or three blank pages as per their visa policy. For Bangladeshi passport holders it is very easy to get visa of China due to this agreement with the Government. They can get visa free entry for 72 days.

There are different categories of Chinese visa. Immigration allows them single entry visa, double entry visa, six month multiple entry visa and 12 month multiple entry. Its application procedure is simple that they can apply directly to the immigration on line. They need following documentation with it.

·         Six months valid passport

·         Two passport size photographs

·         Photocopy of national ID card in Bangladesh

·         Application form

·         Fee as per visa category

Bangladeshi Passport

It is granted to the citizen of Bangladesh for international travel with validity date as per the state’s policy. There are following kinds of passport issued to the citizens in Bangladesh.

·         Simple temporary with one year validity, for emergency travel document

·         Simple biometric with five years validity

·         Business

·         Diplomatic

The other details of the passport are given below.

1.       Holder’s signature (digital image printed on page)

2.       Date of expiry

3.       Date of issue

4.       Place of birth

5.       Gender

6.       Date of birth

7.       Given names Surname

8.       Passport number

The processing time is four weeks. Complete your documents as per the visa policy otherwise visa will be rejected.

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