Colours of Colombo and Nalka ka Pani.

It started as a surprise trip for Auntyji which ended up in a No Talking terms with each other for entire trip. Reason – had she known earlier she would have taken different wardrobe and also the one she wore on the night of our flight because same outfit she wore earlier on Etihad Airways and air hostess kia soche gi phir say wohi dress. Doesn’t matter if this time it is Sri Lankan airlines – Airhostess tu hai hi na…, Ooper say she only had one lipstick for the entire trip. This NO TALKING Terms started immediately after the Security personal stopped and asked about what airline we are travelling at the airport gate – upon mentioning Sri Lankan she questioned since when Sri Lankan started domestic operations from Lahore? (I told her we are travelling domestic) and check in per tu mat poochain kia Hua. Ooper say upon landing at 6 am instead of taking Taxi @ SLK 2600 one way to Colombo main nay jhat say arrival lounge Kay saamne Park bus per bitha dia @ SLK 150 per person to Fort Terminal that took about one hour and wahan say rickshaw @ SLK 200 to our hotel meaning SLR 500 only Bachat ho tu aisse.

We stayed at Cinnamon Lakeside which is fantastic but personally liked the other one Kingsbury which seemed more centrally and facing the sea. Khair we discovered Colombo mostly on foot and loved street food and evening walks around Galle Face and Lake Beira, rickshaw walla bargains a lot. climate is un predictable and quite hot so please ensure hydrated and umbrella handy.

Lake Beira,
Galle face walk in the evening, and trying their snacks
Ganga Ramain Temple (new and old)
Lal Masjid (jama ul aftaar Mosque),
petah area,
veharamadevi Park
Colombo Zoo at Dehiwalla (if with children)
Colombo Dutch Museum

Finding Hallal is not an issue and highly recommend to try Ministry of Crabs inside Dutch Hospital complex opposite Colombo twin towers. Another must is Sri Lankan food at Rajah Bhojun at Liberty Centre. Also try free meal at Gangaramaina Temple but line main laggna parta hai – luckily Auntyji was wearing White to widhwa samajh ker hum dono ko line main bitha ker Free meal dia which was most yummy daal Chawal and veggies. Ager poochte ke who am I with the poor soul tu keh deta her boy friend and soon to be married but naubat nahi ayee. Went there twice for a free meals. King Coconut and Dosas are also must to try.

A must buys are

Teas and flavoured green teas
Noritake stuff – There is factory outlet in Colombo 3
Spas stuffs
Spices specially cinnamon, black pepper corns, cardamoms.

It was fantastic trip for me as I did not buy her anything and Ye tu haath pakra tha that is only jhoot moot ka piyar and dikhawa.

Colours of Colombo and Nalka ka Pani.
Colours of Colombo and Nalka ka Pani.
Colours of Colombo and Nalka ka Pani.
Colours of Colombo and Nalka ka Pani.

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