Complete detail about Indian visa for Afghan citizens

Complete detail about Indian Visa for Afghan citizens

If you are an Afghan citizen and are willing to go to India, you will be in need of Indian visa. It is the official document by Indian government stamped in your passport that allows you to enter their territory. Depending on your visa, there is a limit for actions that you are allowed to take. If you are willing to know more about Indian visa for Afghan citizens, then you are at the right place. So, let’s begin.

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Complete detail about Indian visa for Afghan citizens

Applying for visa

Previously, the hand written visa applications were accepted by the Indian government. You were allowed to write an application with your hand asking for visa approval and visit it to the embassy. However, as per the rules and regulations introduced in 2015, you can now no longer submit the hand written application. Now, you have to go to in order to submit the application for your visa. The handwritten documents are no longer facilitated so do not waste your time.

Some important notes

When you get the visa application print out, note that it has to be signed by the applicant himself or herself. Also, there is a misconception that the validity starts as soon as you begin your journey to India. However, in fact, it starts from the date of issuance. So, keep this in mind while applying for a visa.

The fake visa website

You need to consider that there is only one website where you can apply for Indian visa and that is There are a few other websites too but those are fake and may demand you a lot of money from them and will not be able to give you anything in return. Thus, while applying, ensure that you go to the official site.

The authorized agency

If you are an ordinary Afghan passport holder, you can apply through only a single traveling agency which is M/s Shahir Travel Agency. The address is IVAC, M/s Shahir Travel Agency, Charahi Haji Yaqoub, 10th police station street, opposite to Etisalat office, Shar e Now, Kabul.

Contact numbers

If you are willing to contact the agency and consult them before your visit, you can call them on the given phone numbers.

0799679151, 0789047417, 0776660949

The operational hours

The applicants can submit visa applications between 8 in the morning to 1 pm. The operational activities take place from Sunday to Thursday. In case that you are going for collection, you can do so between 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM.

For further information about the Indian visa for Afghan citizens, you can consult the authorized agency on the numbers given above. Moreover, you can also visit the Indian government’s official website listed above to consider the visa application and their policies.

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