Countries you can Visit Visa free with an Afghan Passport

Visa free countries for Afghan passport holders are quite a few in number. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit any places at all if you are an Afghan passport holder. Most of the places that do allow Afghanis to enter without a visa are those which are small and generally unheard of. Still, that is better than having no countries to visit, right?

All about Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country situated in southwestern Asia. Its borders meet with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan on the north, and China and Pakistan on the east. On its west side, lies Iran.

From the period of 1747-1973, the country was ruled by a monarch. It wasn’t until 1973 that the monarchy was overthrown by the military and the country was declared as a republic. However, soon after in 1992, a civil war erupted and democracy was dissolved yet again. It can be concluded that over the past centuries, Afghanistan has seen quite a few social and political issues.Countries you can Visit Visa free with an Afghan Passport

What is Visa Free Travel?

The term itself is quite self-explanatory. You see, if you wish to visit another country, you might need a document known as a visa to ensure your entry to the given country. These documents are issued by the government of the host country to the foreigners who wish to visit. There are quite a few types of visas, each of which allows you to stay for a varying amount of days. The most common visas include tourist, in-transit, and business visas.

Some countries allow certain other countries to enter their territory without a visa. This can only occur after a mutual agreement has been signed by the two countries in question. The number of countries you can visit visa free depends on which country’s national you are.

What are the Benefits of Visa-Free Travel?

You might wonder, why is visa-free travel given so much importance? It is not just about the prestige of being able to travel without restrictions. There are quite a few other benefits of traveling visa-free. Here are some of them:

  •    Applying for a visa requires you to pay quite a large sum. When you add this to the cost of accommodation and ticket of airfare, your trip to another country is bound to get expensive. Without a visa requirement, you can save money.
  •    Getting a visa is not easy. The task itself is quite lengthy. The application requires you to provide a lot of documentation. This can get hectic at times. The fact that you can avoid this hassle if you have a visa-free access is a breath of fresh air for many.
  •    There is no processing time for visa-free travel. Not only does the application part of the visa take forever, but it takes a lot of time to process as well. This renders you incapable of making last-minute trips.

Visa Free Countries for Afghan Passport Holders

There aren’t a lot of countries that you can visit visa-free on an Afghan passport. There are only 33 countries where Afghans can travel to, giving their passport a very low rank.

This low travel freedom is generally due to the political and economic instability of the country. Moreover, the increase in social unrest is also a huge factor. No country wants people from other countries to overstay in their nation. This is because they don’t want to be pressed for resources or see unemployment in their country to be on the rise. Hence, visa-free arrivals are only allowed to places which are considered to be economically and socially sound. This reduces the risk of their citizen’s overstaying illegally as a way to escape the turmoil of their country.

Still, there are a few small countries and states that allow visa-free entry for Afghan passport holders. They include the following:

  • Haiti, with three-month visa-free visit allowed.
  • Micronesia, with a month’s stay allowed without a permit.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. You can live here for a month without a visa.
  • Niue for a month’s stay without a permit.
  • Anguilla. However, the number of days you can stay are not listed.

Some countries deliver visas to Afghan passport holder upon arrival. While this might not allow you to benefit from the cost-saving aspect of visa-free travel, it is still less hectic than applying for a normal visa. Moreover, it also allows you to make last minute trips. Some of the many countries that deliver visa-upon arrival to Afghan Passport holders include:

  • Bangladesh, with a visa of 30 days.
  • Cook Island, where you can get a visa of 31 days. To extend your stay by more than 31 days, you will need an entry permit. Tourists can get an extended stay to a maximum of six months.
  • If you previously lived in Cape Verde, you and your family will be allowed to visit the place country without a visa. Those who haven’t will be required to get one on arrival.
  • You can visit Djibouti via a visa upon arrival which you can get for one month.
  • Georgia lets you in for 360 days since it is one of the most open countries out there.
  • Cambodia gives Afghan passport holders permission to stay for 30 days via a visa on arrival.


Travel freedom given to Afghan passport holders is very limited. When you compare this to Germany, the stark difference is felt a lot. Germany ranks number one in travel freedom and anyone with a German passport can visit a whopping 176 out of the 218 countries of the world. This showcases the differences in opportunities of the passport holders of different countries.

Still, it is a good thing that you can visit some, if not a lot, of the countries of the world visa free. At least you are not solely limited to your land. Visit any of the visa free countries for Afghan passport holders. Enjoy your vacation. Work on improving the state of your country and watch as its travel freedom ranking improves.

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