Dania Beach bike show – An exciting spectacle

Dania Beach bike show – An exciting spectacle

Dania Beach bike show is a must watch for all those who love vintage objects and are also sports lover. This spectacle would excite you and blow your mind away. Before proceeding to give the details of this bike show, let us first talk a little about Dania Beach.Dania Beach bike show

This is a city in the Broward County of Florida, United States. While this place may give you the appearance of being a small town which would not have anything exciting to offer you, the reality is actually different. This place is full of tourist spots with various attractions that you ought to take a look at that would keep you busy and would ensure that you do not have a dull moment and are instead able to spend a great time relaxing and having fun with your friends or family. Numerous hotels are present that would ensure that your stay is comfortable while the various restaurants would give you the opportunity to try out some great mouthwatering food.

Among the various tourist attractions that this place has to offer you, one is the annual bike show which is conducted at the beginning of every year. The next annual bike show would be conducted in January of 2016. If anyone would like to participate, he is supposed to register one year in advance.

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In this bike show, every year, more than 350 antique bikes participate, making it among the biggest vintage motorcycle shows to be conducted in the entire of south Florida. The show takes place at the beautiful Frost Park in Dania Beach and is certainly something that sports lovers and people who are interested in antiques would want to take a look at. This show would not only cater to your love for antiques and sports, but would also make way for a prospect where you can relax and simply stroll around. Live music coupled with delicious food stalls are available to ensure that you do not become bored. Vendors along with bike parts swap meet are also present. There is a display area where you can take a look at the vintage bicycles, while if you are worried about the kids, you can leave them at the kids play area without any worries.

This bike show is meant as a family outing, which is why it is ensured that every member of the family has something to do. You need to know that you would be required to purchase a ticket to visit this show and registration is done in advance. With this bike show, you can have a great time with your family while at the same time take a look at some fascinating vintage designs of bikes and cycles.

Dania Beach is a great vacation spot if you are tired of all the noise and just want to get away. Ideally located, this place is not so crowded and the very famous Dania Beach pier would be a great spot to have a great time relaxing and fishing or being engaged in other sports activities.

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