Dania Beach classic motorcycle show – A sight to behold

Dania Beach classic motorcycle show

If vintage objects are something that grasps your attention, the Dania Beach classic motorcycle show is a function that you ought not to miss. There are many things that one takes into account while planning a vacation. If you are planning a trip with your family, you would want to visit a place which would have something to offer to every member of the family, where you would be able to have a relaxing and soothing time so that all the worries of worldly matters just wash away and you feel refreshed and energized. One such place is Dania Beach.

Resembling a small town, this city, located in the Broward County which is located in Florida, is not as crowded as other tourist spots are found to be, which implies that you would be able to have a leisurely time relaxing with your family in a quiet environment.

This motorcycle show is conducted every year where more than 350 vintage motorcycles take part in a competition and the one that manages to impress the judges the most emerges victorious. This show makes way for a great time for those who love bikes and also have an interest in vintage objects.

Along with this classic show, you would also have the opportunity to take a look at the displays of vintage bicycles.

A bike parts swap meet is also organized where you can also take part and find out more about bike parts. This might give you an opportunity to get something that you had been looking for. Harley skills team is present to demonstrate some incredible skills, while roller derby girls would also be present. In addition to this, motorcycle field games are also organized.

If you have a bike that you would like to be featured in the show, you have to register one year prior to the show. Live music coupled with great food ensures that this turns out to be a great picnic for your family. If you are accompanied by kids, you can leave them in the play area which is secure and is filled with activities for them, which would make it certain that they do not grow bored as you take a look at the vintage motorcycles.

Dania Beach makes for a great vacation spot, mainly because it has a lot to offer and also because it provides an environment that is away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Apart from this bike show, there are various other places that you can take a look at, the most famous being Dania Beach pier where you can fish or simply relax. The hotels of this pace are rather comfortable and there are some delicious restaurants present as well.

All in all, this place has everything that would be required to make your vacation a special one. For the antique lovers, this place is like a paradise which is filled with numerous shops where you can spend countless hours marveling at priceless treasures. This is a place that you must visit.

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