Do Australian Need Visa for Singapore?

Do Australian Need Visa for Singapore?

The scope of tourism is very high in Singapore as it is included in one of the most environment-friendly and beautiful countries of the world. Several annual heritage festivities are held in the Singapore that has a great contribution in tourism. For Australian passport holders, there is no need to apply a tourist visa for Singapore. If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, you can enjoy a trip to Singapore without the need of a visa. However, there are some rules and conditions applicable for entry in Singapore.

Arrival to Singapore Airport:

As we have already mentioned above that any person who has Australian passport will not require an entry visa to enter in Singapore. With this being said, it is important to remember that there are certain terms and condition applicable. There is no stay limit for Australian residents; they can stay and extend their stay as much as they want in Singapore once they get the visa-on-arrival. On arrival to the Singapore airport, you will have to submit an on-arrival visa application. It is important to remember at this time that every entry is being investigated by the immigration officers.

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Do Australian Need Visa for Singapore

Singapore Visa Requirements if you are Not Australian Resident:

In case you are not a national permanent resident of Australia, you will have to apply for a visa to Singapore at least 4-6 weeks prior to your scheduled travel. Read on to find out all about the visa requirements that are applicable in case you are not an Australian permanent resident.

  1. Passport Validity:

Your passport should be valid at least 6 months from the intended date of entrance in Singapore. A passport that is even 5 months away from expiry is not supported by Singapore government.

  1. Funds:

A Handsome amount of funds needed to last for the date of your departure as the funds are also very important for your security purpose.

  1. Return Tickets:

Before the entrance in Singapore either you have an Australian passport you should be confirmed your onward/return tickets.

  1. Destinations facilities:

If you wish to visit Singapore and then continue to another country; you must fulfill the destinations facilities as they have the country visas and passport to travel from the Singapore.

  1. Embarkation card

Foreign tourists when enter in Singapore need to be carrying a completed Disembarkation or Embarkation card for the immigration clearance on the airport. This card is available at the Singapore checkpoints.

  1. Medical Tests:

Almost all the countries require mandatory medical tests and vaccinations for foreign visits. However, Singapore visa requires an attested yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Enjoy the beauty of Singapore

By fulfilling these Requirements an Australian Passport Holder visits the Singapore and mesmerized by their beauty. However, for the foreigner visitor, possession of a visa does not make you enter in Singapore automatically you need a grant of a visit pass that is given by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority at the checkpoints of Singapore and that will be completely on their own merit basis.

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