Do Nepalese Need VISA For Sri Lanka?

Do Nepalese Need visa for Sri Lanka?

Nepalese are national Citizens of Nepal that are born in Nepal and hold its national citizenship. According to the last updates made in the Visa Policy for Nepalese, it has been clearly stated that all citizens seeking visa grant to travel to another country should apply for a visa through the ETA i.e. electronic travel authorization system. Many People has the Question Do Nepalese Need VISA For Sri Lanka? Here you can get Answer this Question. Do Nepalese need a visa to go to Bhutan?

Do Nepalese Need VISA For Sri Lanka

Visa requirements for Nepalese:

Every year the visa policy is revised and updated to facilitate the users and also to abide by all orders of the state. On January 1, 2017, the Nepalese embassy has revised its visa policy for all Nepalese nationals. According to the updates in visa policy, Nepalese can now travel to 36 countries with an ETA or visa-free.

Nepalese requirement for VISA to Sri Lanka:

If you reside in Nepal and are a Planning a Trip to Sri Lanka off lately, you do not have to worry about the visa grant. Nepalese nationals can travel to Sri Lanka without a prior visa and with an ETA. This means that if you reside in Nepal, you can now travel to Sri Lanka without a visa and enjoy your stay for up to 30 days straight. This is applicable for all SAARC countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Pakistan.

Traveling to Sri Lanka with ETA:

Since Nepal is a member country of SAARC, this makes it possible for all Nepalese to enjoy a visa-free trip to Sri Lanka. This is because of the ETA. All Nepalese though do not require a prior visa grant by the Sri Lankan Embassy but require traveling with an electronic travel authorization so that they can get a visa on arrival to Sri Lanka before they can leave the airport. The duration of the on-arrival visa is 30 days. Hence, you can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days with an on-arrival visa from Nepal.

Sri Lankan Residency for Nepalese Nationals:

As a national citizen of Nepal, you are also liable to apply for Sri Lankan residency. As a member of the SAARC territory and ranking amongst the country that does not require a visa to travel to Sri Lanka, you also will be benefitted when you apply for residency visa to Sri Lanka. You can apply for Sri Lankan citizenship by paying only half of the original visa processing fee. As of January 2017, the residency visa processing fee for citizenship to Sri Lanka for applicants is 150K. This means that as a national citizen of Nepal, you will only pay half the original amount for your residency visa. You will be required to pay 75,000 rupees.

Multiple Visa Grants:

Nepalese can also apply for a multiple visa grant to Sri Lanka. An easy way to do this is by traveling to Sri Lanka with an ETA and obtaining visa-on-arrival for 30 days. You can then apply for multiple visas up to 5 years by contacting the Sri Lankan embassy. During the time duration of your visa processing, you can extend the term of stay in Sri Lanka on request as well.

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