Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

If you want to travel to Egypt from Pakistan, these are the Egypt tourist visa requirements for Pakistani passport that you need to make your trip possible.The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country that links northeast Africa with the Middle East. It was the home of one of the oldest civilizations on the earth, which is why it has accumulated a vast wealth of historical treasures. Every year, millions of people visit this African country to see the pyramids and other historical spots. However, before one can be granted access into Egypt, he must go through the vigorous vetting process of getting a visa. Following are the requirements for an Egyptian visa on a Pakistani passport. As we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Original Passport

The first requirement is the original passport as it helps prove a person’s identity and nationality.

ID Card

The second legal requirement is that of an identity card. You don’t have to submit the original card as a photocopy would do fine.

Passport Size Pictures

You would also be required to submit at least 3 passport-sized pictures. They should be as recent as possible.

Bank Statement and Letter

You must submit a bank letter and bank statement of the last six months. If you’re self-employed or in a partnership, you will be required to submit a business bank statement of the last 6 months.

Visa Request on Letterhead

The final formality on the list is a letter requesting for a visa written on a letterhead.

The validity of the visa and duration of a person’s stay in Egypt depends solely on the hotel package & booking. The visa would require 15 working days to get processed.

Additional Information for Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

You can gather more information about travelling to Egypt by making your way over to the official website of the Egyptian embassy here. Moreover, we have compiled information about the Egyptian consulate operating in Pakistan below.

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Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt Geography

Area: 997,739 sq km

Mostly desert; only 3% is arable land – along the banks and delta of the Nile River and around the Western Desert oases.

Population: 84,474,427    Annual Growth: 1.83%

Capital: Cairo

Urbanites: 42.8%

HDI Rank: 123 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009)

Official language: Arabic    Languages: 27


Largest Religion: Muslim

Religion Pop % Ann Gr
Christians 10,838,069 12.83 1.4
Evangelicals 3,282,646 3.9 4.6
Muslim 73,213,986 86.67

Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan

Address: Plot No. 38-51, UN Boulevard, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan

PO Box: 2088

Telephone: (+92) 51 220 9072, (+92) 51 220 9082

Fax: (+92) 51 227 9552

Pakistan Embassy, Arab Republic of Egypt

Address: 8, El Saluli Street, Dokki, Giza Cairo, Egypt

Phone: (+20-2) 37487806, 37487677, 37604816-17

Fax: (+20-2) 37480310


Crime rates in Egypt

evel of crime
56.37 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
82.85 Very High
Anxiety about home broken and things stolen
44.90 Moderate
Anxiety about being mugged or robbed
59.51 Moderate
Anxiety about car stolen
62.62 High
Anxiety about things from car stolen
67.01 High
Anxiety about attacked
53.05 Moderate
Anxiety about being insulted
59.30 Moderate
Anxiety about being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
35.98 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
55.98 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
54.93 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
47.69 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
81.34 Very High

Safety in Egypt

Safety walking alone during daylight
71.74 High
Safety walking alone during night
46.60 Moderate

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