EU To Vote on Ukraine Visa Liberalization In October

EU To Vote on Ukraine Visa Liberalization In October

European Council to Cast a Vote on Ukraine Free-Visa Entry

European members to cast a vote on giving Ukraine visa relaxation by October.  European legislature head Martin Schulz wishes the member will ballot in Ukraine free- visa by the latter half of the year.

Approval by Parliamentary civil-liberty Council:

Schulz said in European Union meeting in Bratislava on September 16, before the implementation of visa liberalization is granted to Ukraine the bill ought to be   accepted by parliamentary civil-liberties commission through voting on September 29.

Free Visa Entry Effects:

Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo, and Turkey are making an effect to gain free- visa entry in Schengen area.

A few days ago, there was a vote for the visa liberation for Georgia by the civil liberties committee. On the other hand, the refusal from Berlin has been came into hearing. The objection they are putting up is the crimes that Georgians committed inside Germany. Not only these but there are certain other things said by the committee as well.

Positive New for Ukraine:

Some favorable new are being heard by the officials on Foreign Affairs. In September, council for freedom Rights, interior minister will endorse some positive new on Ukraine visa liberalization.  Plenkovic confirmed that some favorable judgment is expected, regarding the issue some positive rumors are being heard by the council. Jacek Saryush-Wolski is constantly backing Ukraine agenda. This memo to be discussed at all European Parliament, meetings where all there dignitary would participate he stated.

Germany Denies Visa to Olympic medalist:

Germany taking strict measures willing approving visa to Ukrainians sources have confirmed the new that Germany denied visa to Ukrainian Olympic medalist in concern of security.

UN conditional effects by Committee:

MEP stated that council would make unconditional effects to gain a positive outcome and favorable voting. Plenkovic commented the only issue European Parliament had to observe or understand was of resettlement issues. The problems of free-visa entry are linked with this which makes the process difficult to carry forward, he emphasized.

Hurdles in Ukraine visa Liberalization:

  • Ukraine who is currently has a population of almost 45 million, is facing strict concern from EU states when the topic of immigration was brought up knowing that already million of immigrants had migrated previous year.
  • A team of law making body will look in to the matter and dialogue with European committee, which consists of members of European Union. Germany and France being very important members have shown some resistance on allowing a visa liberalization movement saying that Ukraine has bundled up a crisis situation which will result in large increase in immigration.
  • Ukraines case is more time taking and difficult to deal with as it is much bigger in size then Georgia and its direct border linkage with some EU states which are part of Schengen area.
  • Despite all the hurdles EU still favors Ukraine on their war with Russia, which invaded in Black sea peninsula in March. Allowing the state to be constant war and discomfort. Yet the excessive population immigration is still a major concern and a set back for EU.

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