Filipino Traveling: What Country Don’t Need Visa from Philippines

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) from the Philippines has made it possible for Filipinos to go to more countries abroad without visa. Such a move has proven to be very helpful for Filipinos who want to travel to other countries or those who want to migrate for good. In either case, you ought to know what country don’t need visa from Philippines. Below is the list of the countries that require no visa from Filipinos when they enter their territories.

Filipino Traveling: What Country Don’t Need Visa from Philippines

The table below shows the different countries in the world where Filipinos can travel without visa:

Africa America Asia Carribean Middle East
Cape Verde Bolivia Brunei Dominica Armenia
Camores Island Brazil Cambodia Haiti Iran
Cote d’ Ivory Colombia Hong Kong St. Lucia Israel
Djibouti Costa Rica Indonesia St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
Gambia Ecuador Kyrgyzstan Trinidad and Tobago  
Guinea-Bissau Nicaragua Laos    
Kenya Peru Macao    
Madagascar Suriname Malaysia    
Malawi   Maldives    
Mauritania   Mongolia    
Mauritius   Myanmar    
Morocco   Nepal    
Mozambique   Singapore    
Rwanda   Sri Lanka    
Seychelles   Thailand    
Somalia   Timor-Leste    
St. Helena   Vietnam    


The above table shows the countries from Africa, America, Asia, Carribean, and the Middle East where people from the Philippines have no problems with visa when it comes to traveling through these.

Overall, the Philippines has come a long way in terms of international relations. It currently has over 50 countries where its citizens can travel visa free. However, if it wants to belong to the cream of the crop, there are still long ways to go. What country don’t need visa from the Philippines should still be a concern. Its number or frequency should increase. Currently, the Germany still tops the rankings with 177 countries being visa free. This is followed by the Singapore with 176 countries visa free.

Now, if you want to know which countries do not need visa from Filipinos because you want to travel in one of these countries, then better take a look at the table above. From there, you can choose which county you will go and then plan your itinerary for your travel and trip to that country. It is better to be prepared than to get lost in it.

Furthermore, do not get too comfortable thinking that visa is the only requirement that should be met to be able to travel to another country and that visa free countries need other requirements. This thinking is clearly wrong. Each country still requires several documents or other requirements that should be satisfied for you to be able to go into their territories. Make sure to satisfy them. Such requirements are most likely country-specific. So better consult with the embassy of your country of interest or just check online for these specific requirements. With that being said, just make sure to make the table above as a guide to know what country don’t need visa from the Philippines.

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