*** First Ever 3 Mountain Ranges Traverse – Live Update ***

With the Grace of Almighty ALLAH and prayers of you beautiful people.. We have successfully completed the first phase of "First Ever 3 Mountain Ranges Traverse".

Me and Qudrat reached Gilgit today after covering 55km in 8hours 45 minutes.
Which means,

Nanga Parbat
Astore valley

Details and pictures from Day 3-5 shall be shared soon, inshaALLAH!

Before starting our journey towards Rakaposhi – Karakoram, we'll take a rest day in Gilgit tomorrow as we have to address the press conference regarding our project in Gilgit Press club.

Distance covered today: 55km
Total distance covered: 177km
All praises be to ALLAH and Him only.
Pakistan Zindabad 🇵🇰💚


*** First Ever 3 Mountain Ranges Traverse - Live Update ***


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