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Every now and then the list of countries that allow Afghanistan passport holders entry without visa gets updated to either include or exclude countries. If you have an Afghan nationality, it is important for you to stay updated with this list.

What Is Travel Freedom and where Does Afghanistan Rank in it?

Travel freedom refers to the freedom of mobility from one country to another without the need for a visa. This rank was developed by Henley & Partners. This popular citizenship and planning firm calculates the ranking of all the countries of the world by taking into account the number of countries the passport holders of a given country can visit without a visa.

Currently, Germany has the most travel freedom and is ranked number one on this list. A German passport holder can visit 173 out of the 218 countries of the world without the need for a visa. The UK is no far behind and was even given the first spot alongside Germany back in 2015. However, soon after more countries relaxed their traveling restrictions when it came to allowing Germans in. This lead to Germany taking the lead again soon after.

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When it comes to Afghanistan, the Afghani passport has a rank of 104. It can be safely concluded that those with Afghani passport are not free to travel much if they don’t apply for a visa. There are various restrictions imposed on them when they are planning to visit most of the world’s countries. However, there are still a few places that you can go to without a visa if you have an Afghani nationality.

Afghanistan Passport Holders Visa

How can a Country Increase its Ranking?

It all boils down to negotiation between countries on the basis of liberalization. There is no hard and fast rule that will allow any country to increase its ranking. Some countries, regardless of their size and stability, do not prefer allowing foreigners in without some restrictions. On the other hand, some countries are more welcoming of others and let quite a few nationalities in. For instance, Indonesia is known to allow citizens of 169 countries to come into their country without a visa.

Mostly, blocks require reciprocity. For instance, if you wish for the EU countries to accept your citizen’s visa-free, you will have to do the same for them. This holds true regardless of whether you are a block yourself (for example, UAE) or a single country.

A common trend that is seen in countries that have a better ranking is that all of them are quite stable economically as well as internally. Any country which has a poor economy or has social and political unrest is common only not allowed without a visa to into a lot of other countries. This is because there is always a threat of them overstaying, or not going back. This, in turn, is likely to put pressure on the guest country’s economy.

How? Well, there will be more mouths to feed with the same amount of infrastructure and job opportunities. Not to mention that countries associate increase in crime rates with foreigners as well. This might be the reason why many countries are reluctant to allow Afghanistan passport holders to visit their country visa free.

Which are the Afghanistan Passport Visa Free Countries

Without a visa, you can visit the following countries:

  •    Haiti, where you can stay for three months visa-free.
  •    Micronesia, where you are allowed to stay for a month without a permit or visa. It is quite a small state, but is quite pretty.
  •    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where you can live for a month without a visa.
  •    You can stay in Niue for a month without a permit.
  •    Anguilla can also be visited without a passport. However, the allowed days are not listed.

Visa-upon-arrival Countries:

There are a few countries that allow those with Afghan passports a visa-upon-arrival. This isn’t much different from visa-free travel. This is because in most cases, the process is swift and the visa gets accepted. Palestine remains the only country which refuses anyone with an Afghani nationality to visit. This means you can’t even apply for a visa in the hopes of getting into the country, unless it is a special permit.

There are quite a few countries that provide those with an Afghanistan passport a visa upon arrival. They include the following:

  •    Bangladesh, with a visa of 30 days.
  •    Cook Island, with a visa of 31 days. You can also stay more than 31 days. However, for this, you will require an entry permit. Moreover, those traveling for tourism can extend their stay to a maximum of six months.
  •    Cape Verde allows Afghanis who have previously lived in Cape to visit the country without a visa. However, those who haven’t will be required to get one on arrival.
  •    Djibouti delivers a visa for one month upon arrival.
  •    Georgia lets you in for 360 days. It is one of the most open countries in the world.
  •    Cambodia allows you to stay for 30 days via a visa on arrival.
  •    You can visit the Maldives for 30 days after applying for visa on arrival.

Countries that Require a Visa from Afghani Nationals:

There are quite a lot of places that don’t let Afghanis in without the proper visa application. Here, the process takes quite a while to get completed. Therefore, you can’t visit any of the countries on this list on short notice.

Some of the countries that require those with Afghanistan passport to apply for a visa include:

  •    UAE
  •    Andorra
  •    Belgium
  •    Italy
  •    Burkina Faso
  •    Algeria
  •    Chad
  •    Brunel
  •    Bulgaria
  •    Brazil
  •    Bahamas
  •    Canada
  •    Chile
  •    People’s Republic of China
  •    Columbia
  •    Costa Rica
  •    Spain
  •    Finland
  •    France
  •    Hongkong
  •    Indonesia


All in all, having an Afghan passport does not provide you with much traveling freedom. The biggest reason for this is the ongoing unrest in the country. This doesn’t mean that you are limited to your country. There are a few visa free countries you can visit on your Afghanistan passport.

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