Free-visa entry for Georgians to Schengen Zone

Free-visa entry for Georgians to Schengen Zone

Free-visa entry for Georgians to Schengen Zone

European Union has granted Georgians to travel in Schengen area without requiring a legal approval of visa. Board considers that Georgians to be given visa relaxation only in accordance with the force of “suspension mechanism”, they declared on 5 October.

It is being thought the new will be shortly after the parliamentary election and could boost or felicitate the in professional- European members in the elections.

“Suspension mechanism is a suggestion given by European officials it will be allowed or permissible to “take back” visa limitations without any delay if any sort of liberty is taken in regarding  stay or any phony refuge requests by any state which is not part of EU zone.

Dialogue still to be conducted by European Union in Regards of Suspension Mechanism:

Conference or meeting between the two parties is predicted to be conducted by end of 2016. Allowing or resulting in giving Georgians the benefit of no visa requirement to visit Schengen zone and four countries which include themselves Schegen area latest by 2017.

On the timely and such a big new Georgian overseas parson was over the moon on such a big approval. The existing head of European Union overseas rector of Slovakia diplomats and MEPs would take in to consideration of mechanism by the latter half of the week.  Foreign minister stated he was still un able to assess the consequences so therefore yet he could not give a definite time frame.

Prohibit by Berlin on Geogians:

Due to some UN rest created by Georgian citizens Berlin was forced to cease its border entry on Georgian people in to Germany. Germany and France had also taken savoir measures and favored the bill regarding taking back the immigration rights due to rise of un rest and violence in the country and also because of there un limited problems.

Visa free policy may also be applicable to Kosovo, Ukraine and Turkey:

Visa free policy may also facilitate other nations it is being said by the European Union. In order for these nations to get visa free approval they must resolve their internal issues of felony and quarrels with other nations before EU thinks of allowing them this right. In regards of Ukraine associates of EU would like to see a healthy fight against fraud. Although it was very clearly stated by the president that the approval is just a suggestion not any confirmation report regarding Ukraine.

Turkey Faith:

Turkey has to come a long way of and should at least try to concur seven expectations or laws out of 72 before coming in to consideration. Most prominent is issue is the fight against violence and should improve its laws in dealing with anti- violence. The aggression is at such a level where it mutes the reporters and administration bodies. The governing body says it is unable to facilitate in this matter due to poor law and order situation. Another issue regarding Turkey deal in gaining visa free entry is the colonization of citizens to Greece. In case Turkey limits the colonization it will result in positive way.

Russia Mistake:

Before the Russian decided to invade Ukraine it was being considered to be given visa-free visit or entry to Russians but due to this un worthy act the proposal dried out.

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