Germany Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Germany is a Western European country that has borders with countries like Belgium, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Austria. Germany is famous for its terrain of forests, rivers, and mountain ranges. Its capital city, Berlin, is home to thriving art and a vivid nightlife, which is why visiting Germany is on the wish list of many people. However, before people can visit Germany, they must apply for a visa. The requirements of getting a German visa on a Pakistani passport are mentioned below. As we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk.Germany Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

Germany Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

1. Application Forms

Two application forms of statements and undertakings must be completed.

2. Working and Leaving Certificate

The applicant must provide a working and leaving certificate.

3. Passport Size Photographs

The applicant is also asked to submit 3 passport size photographs taken against a white background and as recent as possible.

4. Bank Statement and Letter

The applicant is also needed to bring along a bank statement of the previous 6 months. If the applicants are providing a bank statement of their company, they must also provide a letter from the bank that they are the signing authority.

5.Salary Certificate

The applicant must provide a proof of income, which basically means producing a salary slip.

6. Insurance

It would be wiser for the applicants to have medical and accidental coverage for the entirety of their trip to Germany. We advise our clients to opt for AIG Insurance.

7. Proof of Financial Means

The applicants are required to submit a proof that their financial means are sufficient for their planned stay in Germany. This includes traveler checks, cash, and credit cards.

8. Confirmed Hotel Reservations

The applicants must provide confirmed hotel reservations. The hotel that they’re staying must fax a copy directly to the German Embassy.

9. Airplane Tickets

Produce booking slips of their flight tickets for their trip to Germany.

10. ID card

The final requirement is a photocopy of the applicant’s identity card. If the applicants are planning to take their children along, they would also need to submit the computerized copies of their B form.

Additional Information for Germany Visa Requirements for Pakistan Passport

The applicants must provide a copy of their previous passports if they have any. They must also submit a visa fee of PKR 6,400 as well as a service fee of PKR 500. If the applicants haven’t visited Germany at least 2 times in the last 2 years, they must make a personal appearance. If applicants are applying from Islamabad, they are required to take an appointment. Also the application should be typed. For more information, you can visit the official web site of the German Embassy in Islamabad by clicking here. embassies currently active in Pakistan below.

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Address: 92-A/7, Block-V, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

Telephone: 021 5873782-3, 5870234

Fax: 021 5874009, 5821597


Embassy of the F. R. of Germany

Address: Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone: 051-2279430 – 35

Visa: 051-2279441

Fax: Visa: 051-2278917 / 2279436



Pakistan Embassy, Germany

Address: Schaperstr-29, Wilmersdorf 10719, Berlin, Germany

Telephone: (49-30) 21244299, 21244203, 21244499

Fax: (49-30) 21244210


Germany Federal Republic of Germany Geography

Area: 357,042 sq km

Strategically placed in the centre of Europe and of the expanding EU.

Population: 82,056,775    Annual Growth: -0.09%

Capital: Berlin

Urbanites: 73.8%

HDI Rank: 22 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2009)

Official language: German. There are over 95 million German-speakers worldwide    Languages: 69

Top cities of Germany:

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Berlin 3,426,354 people Land Berlin 52.52437 x 13.41053
2 Hamburg 1,739,117 people Hamburg City 53.55 x 10
3 Muenchen 1,260,391 people Bavaria 48.13743 x 11.57549
4 Koeln 963,395 people North Rhine-Westphalia 50.93333 x 6.95
5 Frankfurt am Main 650,000 people Hesse 50.11667 x 8.68333
6 Essen 593,085 people North Rhine-Westphalia 51.45 x 7.01667
7 Stuttgart 589,793 people Baden-Wuerttemberg 48.78232 x 9.17702
8 Dortmund 588,462 people North Rhine-Westphalia 51.51667 x 7.45
9 Dusseldorf 573,057 people North Rhine-Westphalia 51.22172 x 6.77616
10 Bremen 546,501 people Bremen 53.07516 x 8.80777


Largest Religion: ChristianGermany Religion map

Religion Pop % Ann Gr
Christians 52,721,478 64.25 -0.9
Evangelicals 1,740,880 2.1 0.9

Germany Flag

Germany Flag

Germany Map

Germany World Map

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