Gerry’s Computer Number for Passport Tracking

      Gerry’s Computer Number for Passport Tracking

The applicants submit their application for a passport at Gerry’s, an aviation and travel agency,  which responded with two text messages to the applicants informing them that their application has been received and that it is being processed by the relevant agency. At the time of submission of the application, the agency gives a receipt to the applicant which contains Gerry’s computer number for online tracking of the passport. This computer number is entered on an online site by the applicants to review the progress of the passport’s verification process. This keeps the applicants up to date on the vetting procedure of the passport.

This simple and easy process of online checking has made matters easier for applicants, who no longer have to visit the passport offices and stand in long queues to get a status update on their passports.

The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System

The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System

The process of Online Checking:

SMS services can also be used to check the status of the passport, but the modern and more convenient method is the online system of tracking the passport status by entering Gerry’s computer number. It is employed by the majority of applicants over the SMS system. Following are the steps that the applicant may follow for the online tracking process:

  • Open the official Directorate General of Immigration and Passports website
  • Register himself as a user at this site
  • Click on the online passport tracking system which will open the tracking site
  • Enter Gerry’s computer number and press search
  • Results will show off the progress and full status of the passport

Format of Computer Number:

The computer number given by the agency has a precise format. It includes the following details of the applicant:

  • Name of city in which the applicant submits the documents
  • Date when the applicant applied
  • System number
  • Random digit assigned

The precise format is as follows:

Name of city/Date/System number of six digits/one random digit.

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