The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System

          The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System

Gerry’s Group is a top-notch aviation based company that has been providing clients with travel services for many years. One of these services is the visa service. The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System. Once the applicant has submitted his visa application to the concerned visa center, the application goes through the process of verification for twenty-five to thirty days. During this time the applicant can use Gerry’s visa application tracker to get an update on the status of the visa application and see its progress in the vetting procedure.

The Gerry’s Visa Application Tracking System

The Online Gerry Visa Application Tracker:

The application can be tracked online by providing the date of birth of the applicant and the sixteen-digit reference number which is mentioned on the receipt given to the applicant at the time of submission of the visa application. Filling the online Gerry’s visa application tracker form with details mentioned above can track the visa applications.

For the tracking of different countries’ visa application online, such as Canada, some additional documents and details may also be required. Following are such additional details:

  • Identification number
  • Surname or family name of the applicant
  • Date of birth of the applicant
  • Country of birth of the applicant

The sixteen-digit receipt application reference number is also required but the following documents can be used alternatively:

  • Client ID number
  • Unique client identifier
  • Number of immigration file
  • Landing record number
  • Card number for permanent residents
  • Receipt number of citizenship
  • File number of citizenship
  • Confirmation of permanent residence number

Tracking Through SMS Services:

Gerry’s also offers SMS services through which the applicants can keep track of their visa applications. This optional service can be purchased when you submit your visa application at Gerry’s Visa Application Centre against the following charges of PKR 150. Throughout the span of the visa process, the applicant is sent various SMS to apprise them of the current status of their application. Followed by this, the applicants may also receive an email updating them on the visa application progress. The communication through SMS is in the English language.

The Gerry’s visa application tracker is extremely useful as the visa applications can take up to six months for certain countries. The tracking system ensures that the applicants are well-informed and updated about the procedural details of their application.

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