Get a Complete Schengen Visa Information

Get a Complete Schengen Visa Information

Get a complete Schengen Visa Information

Rae you looking for the adequate visa information? Then you have come to a right site you must be well aware of the term visa and on what basis the Government sanctions it.It acts as an approval ticket to a specified person who can travel or visit the desired area. Similarly, the Schengen Visa is issued by the Government authorities to the person to visit the area.

Before applying for the Visa, it is important to do your homework about Schengen. Let’s find out the details.

Schengen Area

The Schengen Area comprises of 26 countries and with a guaranteed visa, the visitor will be able to travel freely around these countries. The free movement will be allowed to a person. These 26 countries are divided into two parts. 22 countries lie under the EU category while other 4 are listed under the EFTA.

The area of Schengen is very vast and covers the majority of European part. However, it does not include countries like Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria or Ireland. Soon these countries will also be mentioned under the Schengen Area. The UK is also not a part of Schengen. Countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Norway does not lie under EU and are mentioned in the Schengen Area. The area follows the free movement policy.

Requirements for the Visa Application

If any person wants to travel to any of the Schengen Zone, then he/she needs to get the visa. There are certain requirements and the conditions which an individual have to fulfill before applying for the visa. These conditions are set by the embassy and the government of Schengen Zone. If you want that your application may proceed them successfully, you need to fulfill these conditions and have to provide all the necessary information. The requested documents must be attached with the Visa application as mentioned in the Application Requirements section.

Who needs to apply for a Visa?

The non-members or the non-citizens of the Schengen Zone have to apply for the Visa. It is mandatory for the non-citizens to get the Visa before visiting the country. However, the agreement does contain some exceptions. There are many countries which are not in the Schengen Zone but still does not need a Visa.

Types of Visa

The Schengen embassy permits different types of Visas which include

  • Uniform Visa

In this visa, an individual is allowed to live in the territory for 90 days from the date of entry.

  • National Visa

These visas are marked in the D category, and only limited individuals are allowed to visit especially those who are studying, permanently live there and work in any of the Schengen countries.

  • Territorial visa

People with this visa are allowed to travel in the Schengen Zone and some specified states. An individual with this visa cannot visit the country which does not fall in the Schengen category.


Do remember that the fees for the visa is nonrefundable and it is mandatory for every applicant. The applicant has to pay different fee based on the type of visa.

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