Get to Know the Antigua and Barbuda Flag

Get to Know the Antigua and Barbuda Flag

Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign, Commonwealth country encompassing 2 major islands that include several smaller ones. Located right at the point where the Caribbean and the Atlantic meet, it is well-known for reef-lined beaches, tropical forests and top-class resorts. As amazing as the islands themselves, the Antigua and Barbuda Flag is quite unique. Here is brief introduction to it:

Antigua and Barbuda Flag:

  1. The Designer:

After the slavery ended in the late July in 1966, the nation began appearing as a sovereign state. On February 27th, 1967, a competition was announced to design the flag for the nation. The officials received over 600 entries, including a last minute entry from Mr Reginald Samuel.

Mr Samuel was an Antiguan artist, a sculptor and a painter in addition to being an art teacher. He designed the flag in just half an hour and rushed in just before the closing time. Later he was announced the winner of the competition and was awarded the winning prize of $500.

  1. The Design:

The design of the Antigua and Barbuda Flag is vibrant and holds so many details. The golden sun with 7 pointed beams in the centre of the flag signifies the dawning of a new era. Many times till 1994, many designs showed up to 20 beams. Later on it was decided that the 7 points should characterize the six districts plus the sister island, Barbuda.

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Get to Know the Antigua and Barbuda Flag

The red colour depicts the struggle of the slave forefathers, and the vigour of the locals. The colour Blue symbolizes hope and optimism while the colour black signifies the soil and the African legacy.

The “V” which the red borders form right in the centre stands for “Victory”. It holds the gold, white and blue colours. These colours represent Antigua’s and Barbuda’s main tourist attractions – the Sun, Sea and the Sand

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