Application Guideline for Schengen Visa

Application Guideline for Schengen Visa

A document is issued by specific authorities to traveling party to travel to and within Schengen area. This document is called Schengen visa.

Almost all the European countries are included in Schengen area except Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Ireland. Currently, 26 countries are included in Schengen countries which allow free movement of their citizens within this zone as a single country. The countries that are in Schengen area are Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Poland, and Lichtenstein etc.

Schengen Visa Application Requirements

Anyone who wishes to apply for a Schengen visa in order to visit any Schengen member country has to apply in person. Assemble all the mandatory documents and make an appointment in advance. The person applying has to make sure he/she has a valid passport before applying.

Book an Appointment & Carefully Read the Instructions and Check if you meet the Requirements:

Book an appointment 15 days before your departure since an embassy/consulate needs almost this much time to complete procedure for issuing a visa. You can apply approx. 12 weeks before you can travel. Every country included in the Schengen agreement has its own requirements for issuing a certain type of visa. Make sure you have gathered all the documents you need for the specific type of visa you want.

Fill the Application form, Attach Recent Photograph & Attach Important Documents Regarding Appropriate Embassy/Consulate:

The application form comprises of a collection of personal data information of the individual applying for the Schengen visa. Learn how to fill the form and make sure you fill every gap required. Applicant needs to attach a recent photograph with the application form according to the guidelines/format, background etc. Apart from the application form, also attach the mandatory documents as per requirement of the embassy/consulate.

Submit the Application Form and Documents and Go for the Interview in Person:

You will be asked personal questions about your life and whereabouts, your travel plan and other details about the trip. Make sure your answers are correct and you are firm and sure about your answers.

The admission fee for applying for a visa is non-refundable. Hopefully, this Schengen Visa info will allow you to apply for a visa comfortably and easily.

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