(headphones please)

(headphones please)

What do you do when your driver is tired and there are still 4,5 hours to Hunza from Skardu? You drive the Van yourself !! Driver bhai sath wali seat pe chilling.

No Cinematics here. Nervous me and scared passengers

Drove this monster for a couple of hours on the Skardu/Hunza road. Good thrill.



  1. Lovely. Thank you so much Pakistan, for the beautiful landscape, open people and indeed, no so strict rules, else in any other country (developed ones), a normal license owner cannot drive more than 8 seater van (if he/she has not done proper license in this class) 😀

  2. Btw in Pakistan also, you can’t drive in Skardu technically on mountain track as they legally prohibited outsiders after accidents specially on way to Deosai.

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