Here is the incident which happened with me today in Milan near duomo.

Here is the incident which happened with me today in Milan near duomo.

So there was an italian restaurant where me and my wife dined. It was a typical european restaurant with road side sitting ( surrounded by glass).

Suddenly two women came( acted as if they were pregnant) and kept a paper on my table and started begging for money. We ignored them and the waiters shoo-ed them away.

One of the italian waiter came and asked us if all our stuff is there or not. And then i realised that my phone is gone.

We chased that lady and by the help of those italians i recovered my phone from that lady.

So guys stay safe in milan or other european cities.

Attaching a video of the restaurant


  1. Italy is full of crooks.Similar incident happened to us but the only difference was that the thief literally tried to snatch my dads handbag and there was this tug of war btw them but my dad being a tough guy won. This happened to us in march 2017 outside camping roma(where we were staying) in rome ,italy.

  2. A pakistani has always self trained to be alert since childhood, in these kind of situations, lol.

    I wonder, how you messed it up:p

  3. I have been living in this area near Duomo since a year but no such thing has happened to me or any of my friends. One of my friends forgot a MacBook in nearby Metro station and found it after some days. Jab kismat khraab ho to Milan ya Multan kahen bhi choona lag jata ha!

  4. One of our friends visiting Paris couple of weeks ago and someone stole $5000 from her purse.
    Actually, when we were there last month a lady tried to tricked us too, but we tried to ignore her and didn’t do much conversation with her.

  5. Same almost happened with me in Barcelona however there was only a guy and before he took something from table (our cellphones & wallet), the waiter came and scolded him

  6. Its the way of begging in Italy. I experienced this myself couple of weeks back whilst in Italy that beggars are all over. Alhamdulillah didnt get robbed but saw their way of begging by keeping a paper beside you…

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