Hi TD!

I’m in Palestine for this week and will be posting some pictures of places here.

Visiting on my British passport (as I’m expecting this question to pop up!)

This is the Roza of Hazrat Ibrahim (A) and his wife Sara in the city of Hebron in Palestine. Next to his tomb is the grave of Hazrat Ishaq and his wife Rubqa.

Will be posting more photos and videos from all around very soon!

Keep your eyes on here.


  1. How long did they interrogate you at the border? Which way did you get there? I got seven hours of interrogation crossing from aqaba Jordan to Eilat on a UK passport!

  2. I have been to Palestine too and it’s definitely worth seeing especially with monumental religious places to see.

  3. Thank you all. I’ve updated the captions for whoever asked me. Please remember me in your prayers too. Uploaded my second post on Jerusalem.

  4. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said that the body of a Prophet can’t be deteriorated by the sand. Look at the grave stones and judge if it’s according to possible height of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). Cave of Patriarchs in Hebron (you are in Ibrahim Mosque which sits at top of it) is a hoax. This place was discovered by a drunk monk who dreamt that some important people are buried there.

    Christians & Jews also believe that some other Prophets are buried there too.

  5. Having said this, Hazrat Omar bin Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) visited all these areas after conquering Al Quds. There isn’t a single narration of him visiting Grave of any Prophet there. If these graves were actually there, he would definitely have said salam.

    That also proves that Graves of Prophet Daud, etc. are wrong.

  6. Masha Allah…if in case u ever plan agroup let us know in advance there are many of us british passport holders who would be eager to go .God Bless

  7. Masha Allah… If you visit again please say this nacheez ghulam’s salam to the prophets ahliye salams
    Jazak Allah

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