History of Pakistani Passport:

There was a time when we did not need visa for any country in the world! Every country including India was issuing visa on arrival to Pakistanis. Its very sad to know the value has diminished these days. Untill 1990’s mostly countries were giving on arrival visas but the last two decades, the situation became worse!
I hope and pray, one day the value of passport rise again and every country will be giving us Visa free entry! Inshallah!

Here is the complete story of our passport.

1947- 1954

Pakistanis did not require pre-arrival visas and could get visas-on-arrival in any country they wished to travel, including India.

1954- 1960

Pakistanis could still get on-arrival-visas in most countries, except Israel, the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. India and Pakistan were still issuing on-arrival-visas to one another.


Pakistanis could receive on-arrival-visas in all countries, except the Soviet Union, communist countries in Eastern Europe, and Israel. Afghanistan had begun to give on-arrival visas.


Pakistanis still enjoyed on-arrival-visa facilities in all the countries, except in communist countries, barring China. However, from 1965 onward, India and Pakistan abolished their long-standing on-arrival-visa policies.

1970- 1990

USA Stopped giving on arrival visas to Pakistani after 1970. In 1983, UK and other major European countries stopped providing on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis. Policies between India and Pakistan were greatly relaxed.

Pakistanis still could not get visas for the Soviet Union and other communist countries easily, but China continued to provide on-arrival-visas.

In 1980’s, the Gulf States changed their policies as well and Pakistanis were required to have pre-arrival visas for the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Libya had already stopped providing on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis in 1980.


After 9/11, the situation became worse, more and more countries stopped providing on-arrival-visa facilities to Pakistanis. Pakistanis now require a pre-arrival visa for China as well.


Today, only 29 countries provide on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis, most of who are in Africa. Pakistani passport's value has been rapidly diminishing in the last two decades.

Source: (https://www.dawn.com/news/1283918)

History of Pakistani Passport:
History of Pakistani Passport:
History of Pakistani Passport:
History of Pakistani Passport:
History of Pakistani Passport:


  1. Yes, sad state of affairs! Do not see things improving any time soon to be honest! One of the reason we got a UK passport… travelling is a piece of cake now AlhumdillAllah….but some day IA pakistani passport will also rise… if we become economically strong…

  2. According to passport index, pak is 2nd last country in the world just before Afghanistan according to ease of travel.

  3. wish we could have visa-free / on-arrival visa countries on Pakistani passport .the sad part is one cannot travel to Israel on pakistani passport .. or may be i am not aware about it.. iss ke ilawah tu Alhumdulilah itnay bhi mulkon ko dekh liya shukar hai uss zaat ka

  4. The situation has improved since the article by Nadeem F Paracha was published in Dawn. The total number of visa on arrival/evisa/ visa free entry countries for Pakistan is now 43. It’s now also improved two positions up in the passport rankings.

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