Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

Hong Kong Tourist visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

Visa requirement for Pilipino citizen is administrative entry restrictions. Authorities of other countries have imposed some entry restriction on them. They have on arrival and visa free access to sixty one countries. Philippine passport has enjoyed the rank of 75 among other passports. They have freedom for travelling to other countries according to the VRI. They can enjoy the visits and entry into several countries by availing on arrival visa on airport. They can avail health services and subsidized legal. They cannot cast the vote in territory and federal election. These permanent residents are able to hold Australian Passport. They are eligible to be citizens after some time. As this period is complete, this procedure will add more twelve months to the residence visa.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

Hong Kong allows tourism, transit and business visa with a stay of 14 days without visa. Filipino Citizens do not need to apply for tourist visa. As per rules of the Hong Kong Immigration Department they can stay for 14 days. Hong Kong Tourist visa requirements for Filipino Citizens are very simple. Those who travel with a connecting ticket via Hong Kong to another country can stay in Hong Kong more than seven days without any entry permit from Hong Kong immigration. A valid passport holder has to show their return ticket for entry in the country. Documentation for tourist visa is very simple and easy.

Tourist Visa Requirement

There is not special requirement for Hong Kong tourist visa. The only requirement is valid passport. It is document that is issued to every Philippine citizen for international travel. Philippine government issues it on the application of the citizen to pass freely and allows them protection and identity at the international level. For applying the passport they have to submit following documents

  • National identity card or proof of Philippine citizen
  • Tow passport size pictures
  • Passport fee or charges
  • Application of form

General Requirements

  • Payment or fees
  • Personal appearance is must
  • Application form duly accomplished (it can be downloaded from the website of the embassy)
  • Recent passport copy of the data page
  • Page must contain photo and other data
  • Dual citizenship certificate if any
  • Photocopy and original National ID proof

Visa Application Policy for Permanent Residents

This is an easy and simple procedure. The authorities of Hong Kong are responsible to offer the visa to the applicant. The applicant can get this opportunity by fulfilling these requirements.

  1. Valid passport of six months that has expiry date of the visa application
  2. Less than 3 months of expiry visa will be rejected.
  3. Visa is issued by the immigration, consulate or embassy of Hong Long
  4. For the visa free countries, it is granted or stamped on arrival at the airport.

The visa application can be submitted or filled online to the diplomatic mission. The tourist visa requirements are not many. It is a simple procedure that provides enough support to the candidate to attain entry on airport. They have permission to stay for seven days in the country if they have touching flight via Hong Kong to overseas.

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