Hong Kong Visa for Pakistan

Hong Kong Visa for Pakistan

For traveling abroad the majority of the people choose the country where getting visa is easier for them. Those Pakistani who are willing to stay more than three months in Hong Kong need to obtain visa for Chinese Consulate or Embassy. Those people on visit visa cannot work or study. Citizens of about 170 countries do not need visa to stay. They are allowed to stay from seven days to 180 days without visa. Citizens of New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Europe and US can enter without visa for ninety days. UK nationals have this facility for 190 days.

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Hong Kong Visa for Pakistan

Visa Eligibility for Pakistani

Applying for Hong Kong visa is not very difficult. Its procedure is simple for Pakistani citizens. They are eligible to apply visa to enter HKSAR. Chinese embassy allow them visa.

  • Applicant must have enough funds to stay and cover the duration to stay without working
  • Return ticket is must for applicant that he can come without any problem.
  • Photocopy of complete passport, old passport as well if any
  • White background 2 pictures of passport size
  • Visa application form
  • Six months personal bank statement
  • In case of family visa, candidate has to submit proof of relationship
  • Proof of purpose of visit
  • For visit visa they have to mention purpose of visit
  • For employment visa they should have work, education background, medical report, labor contract
  • For business visa they should have invitation letter of a local company

Passport Validity

Immigration had made the whole documentation procedure very easy and simple for them. They are granted the entry into the state without many formalities. They ask for the passport validity from one month to six months or two or three blank pages as per their visa policy.


The procedure of Hong Kong visa for Pakistan is very simple. Pakistani citizens can apply visa from Chinese consulate or embassy. Visa application or form can be submitted directly by post or online to the HKSAR Immigration Department. A local sponsor can do this task for you. Applicants can shorten the procedure by sending their documents and application via fax. Candidate will get receipt of a completed and original visa application form.

Processing Time

It takes about four weeks for processing visa application. The whole procedure is quite simple and easy.

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