How to apply for Schengen visa?

Apply for Schengen visa

Applying for Schengen visa needs to be done in a specific manner. It is important to remember that all Schengen member countries require following specific steps in order to get a grant of the visa. Here are all the details you need to know about applying for Schengen member state visa.Schengen visa application

How soon should you apply?

There is no exact time frame that can be given to you for how soon should you apply for a visa. The one thing that we know is that visa processing to any Schengen state takes no more than 24 to 48 hours. However, the entire process can take up to anywhere between 7 to 14 days or even 30 days, depending on the country you are applying from.

Application form instructions

All Schengen countries have the visa application form available on their website. However, there are a few basic instructions that one needs to remember when filling the visa application form.

  1. The visa form needs to be latest. No outdated application forms are acceptable.
  2. All information mentioned on the form should be 100% accurate. In the case of false information, the visa appeal can be rejected immediately without any prior notice.
  3. The form should preferably be filled out by hand. The handwriting should be clear and readable and black ink should be preferably used.
  4. No obligatory sections should be left out blank.
  5. If the applicant is underage, the form can be filled out by the legal guardian.

Travel insurance is a must

Whilst there are many countries that do not ask for any travel insurance if you are traveling to their countries, Schengen member states are different. All countries part of the Schengen zone will ask you to provide a proof statement that clearly indicates that the person is capable of financially funding his stay in the foreign country for a specific time period. Each country has a different travel insurance requirement. This can be confirmed by visiting the respective official embassy website or contacting officials.

Schengen visa application cover letter

Photograph details

There are specific photograph requirements for people who are applying for a visa to the Schengen country. The photograph must be passport size i.e. 14×14 in dimensions. Moreover, the face should be at a certain angle and the backdrop for the passport picture should be a light colored. The preferred color for the background is sky blue but this is not mandatory. It can also be some other lighter shade like pale yellow, beige or white.

Passport details

The passport should be valid, minimally 3 months away from expiry. The validity can be required to be up to 6 months as per some countries. (Confirm from official source). The passport should also contain at least 2 blank pages for visa grant. If any Schengen country visa has been granted on the passport before, the detail of the previous visa can be attached with the visa application.

Cover Letter

No Schengen visa is forwarded for processing if it does not come with a cover letter. The cover letter should contain simple applicant details and state the purpose of traveling clearly.

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