In search for some sand grains,

Burning tyres and bearing pains,
we wandered through and through,
Just to find a Sea so blue!

Searching sand grains along Pakistan Coastline:
We, a group of four 2-decade old friends decided to pack up our bags, leave the worldly responsibilities (wives included) and go on a road trip along the coastline of Pakistan just to find what the "Civilised world" deprived us of! A clean and crystal clear beach. The best part of the trip? No mobile signals, hassle free drive, and the scenery that accompanies you from Uthal to Gwadar.
We Left Karachi at Friday night 2 am as it was deemed as the best option to avoid jam packed roads, but though we catered for the human element, what we did not cater for was the "God Effect". As soon as we hit Makran Coastal Highway, knock knock, the Almighty had a driving test prepared for us. Dense fog at most of the uninhabited places made us move at 30 kph on a road which feels insulted if you don't drive at 120. So we covered the 620 kms in almost 9 hrs (stops excluded), spent a day at Gwadar, witnessed a serene sunrise and our wheels started moving the next morning.
The second day we made a long halt at Ormara, the only white sand beach in the country; played some football (Me being the winner, obviously), searched for some dolphins and whales in our boats, and finally drove back to Karachi making a pit stop to capture the sunset at Golden Beach Kund Malir.

My advices:
-70ltrs Petrol for 1300 cc engine for one side, don't buy from the pumps enroute, it'll destroy your car's engine. Rather carry extra cans, and get 70 litres topped up again from Gwadar's only fuel station.

-Places to visit in Gwadar : Chinese Anchorage, Gawadar Jetty, Koh i Batil's trek (Preferably at sunrise), PC Gwadar for the Bird-Eye view of the city, West Bay and Pakistan Coast Guards Mess.

-Ormara should not take more than 3 hrs but plan it on the other day as the body won't be able to enjoy to the fullest.

-Kund Malir on the return preferably before sunset, if you plan to visit the nearby Temple and the graves of the companions of Muhammad Bin Qasim, if you are no fan of history then you can stay at Golden beach for the sunset.

-No need to trek all the way to the Princess of Hope, view from the road is the same, rather she looks prettier from a distance, the nearer you go, the more blackheads you'll see.

-No giving lifts along the route please. Keep the philanthropic instinct under control. The route is pretty safe, but not as safe as Abdul Sattar Edhi would have wanted it to be.

-People planning to go in the coming days, be mindful of the fog and drive safe.

Best of Luck wanderers!!!
(Ignore the errors in video mates, I'm just a novice)

on a road trip with Malik Muhammad Siddiq Awan and 2 others in Gwadar, Pakistan.

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