Indian Passport Visa Requirements for Fiji

The Indian passport requirement for Fiji includes an official visa application form which should be correctly filled and completed with the purpose of visit and duration of stay clearly stated. Along with that, you need to submit two recent, colored passport-sized photographs and an original or certified copy of the passport bio-data page. If the applicant is married and traveling alone, a consent letter from the spouse is also needed and if they are less than 19 years of age, they must have a proof of consent from their parents. A leave letter is also required from employed applicants. As we know that many other countries also has some requirements for Pakistan Passport. For other info check Visainfodesk. There are some other Visa Free Countries for Indian Passport Holders.

Indian Passport Visa Requirements for Fiji

Further requirements include an evidence of funds to sustain the duration of stay, a copy of travel ticket or itinerary, a confirmation of the hotel accommodation, and a letter from the sponsor. The sponsor has to be a Fiji citizen or a local organization willing to undertake the person for the specified duration of time. If you are applying for a multiple entry visa, then you have to submit a letter to justify this request. A non-refundable visa application fees of $91 for a single entry visa and $180 for a multiple entry visa has to be paid as well.

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It takes three working days to process visa applications from the date on which they are received by the Visa Officer. The visas are endorsed on the passport, and when the passport is not submitted, a visa approval letter is sent to the applicant notifying them about the approval of their visa, the duration they can stay in Fiji, and the validity of the visa. If the visa application is rejected, the applicant is notified in writing along with the reasons for rejection.

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