Indonesia visa for Nepalese Passport

Indonesia visa for Nepalese Passport

Indonesia Visa for Nepalese is granted by the Visa authorities of Government. Visa policy for Nepalese is similar. They can apply for visit, residence and work visa from their nearest embassy online or through courier. The consulate and embassy is authorized to grant the visa. The visa application and fee charges are different as per location. Fee charges and procedure is different according to the visa nature or title.

Indonesia visa for Nepalese Passport

Procedure of Work Visa application

For getting the work visa in Indonesia candidate has to get the calling letter with the job offer letter. After getting the calling letter from the company in Indonesia candidate have obtain the Form and apply for the work permit or work visa in Indonesia. Candidates have to submit some other important documents with the application while applying for the work visa in Indonesia.

  1. 2 passport-size photographs containing the clear print, or HD quality picture for online application.
  2. Mention the name on the back of the applicant with calling letter ID
  3. Passport with National ID card or Ecard
  4. A photocopy of other National ID document
  5. Calling letter needs to be submit with the application
  6. Fee of the visa application

After the completion of the whole procedure of records you have to send via mail with fee that is available at the official site. This money pay slip will be prepared by submitting the fee to immigration services and the Visa department of Indonesia. By following these rules and regulations visa process will be easy for you. Otherwise, visa will be rejected or any objection will be arising by the embassy. It is very important to follow the rules and regulations of the state for convenience of travelling.

Procedure for Tourist Visa Application

Procedure of Tourist Visa application is much simpler as compared to the residence or work visa in Indonesia. This visa allows them to visit their relatives, friends and family. They are not allowed to work on this visa status. They cannot perform their work or business activities on tourist visa.

  • Visa Fee submission proof
  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Purpose to visit
  1. Validity of Passport copy

Validity of passport for six months is essential. Passport copy should contain clear picture and other details such as name, date of birth, validity and Nationality

  1. Photograph

Two photographs with white background and proper face clarity.

  1. Visa Fee with form

Submit fee and fill the form online.

With clear resolution (dpi) are 300 candidates can submit photographs for online visa. The size of the photograph must be according to the given standard, width is 43mm and height 55mm. The image definition parameters are head height up to top of hair about 39mm. The distance from the top to the hair is 5mm.

The procedure of tourism visa is 14 working days. In this duration candidate get the visa. Without following the requirements of the immigration, a candidate cannot get the visa for work or for residence.


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